Audition CC: Now More Intelligent, Stronger, and Better Looking

As Adobe MAX 2018 kicks off, so does the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud applications —available now. See what’s new for all the video and audio tools, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Character Animator, and the new kid on the block —Adobe Rush CC. Among the most exciting aspects of this release are the incredible updates to audio workflows.

Having just wrapped its 25th birthday during the Summer of Sound, Audition CC unveils a bold new look, a powerful boost in performance, and intelligent new effects destined to become part of your everyday workflow.

In order to achieve high performance when playing or recording projects with a lot of audio tracks, workstations have typically had to rely on expensive, proprietary acceleration hardware.

Improvements and tuning to Audition’s playback and recording engine should now support up to 128 tracks of playback, or simultaneously record 32 tracks, at low latencies with standard modern workstations. Of course, this performance scales as you add faster SSD drives and audio interfaces, and smart use of Audition’s Track Pre-Render option can alleviate additional overhead from effects and automation.

What good would high track counts and complex projects be if the interface wasn’t beautiful? A new makeover to Audition’s multitrack timeline brings a modern look and feel to clips and selections.

Clip waveforms are brighter and bolder, with strong contrast for easier visibility. Clips themselves have less “stuff” making it easier than ever to focus on what’s important – your audio! But what good would form be without function? To that end, adjust clip gain levels ON the clip, by simply clicking and dragging the gain icon on every piece of media in your timeline. And get immediate, visual feedback as the clip waveform scales automatically allowing you to use your eyes AND ears more effectively.

Brawn, beauty, and brains! Two new audio effects utilize machine learning to intelligently remove reverb and background noise from your clips without capturing noise prints or adjusting complicated parameters. The new DeReverb and DeNoise effects work in realtime with almost no CPU usage to scrub your recordings clean. And you’ll find them even easier to use as part of your Essential Sound workflows in Audition and Premiere Pro.

Audition also comes bearing several little gifts that will delight editors and creators. Quickly add multiple audio and bus tracks with the new Add Tracks dialog, or clean up unused audio tracks with the Delete Empty Tracks command. A new Zoom to Time button and preset shortcuts make viewing specific, consistent durations as easy as can be. Many more small-but-beautiful features and improvements are available now, by updating Audition CC.