New Adobe Innovations Unlock Content Velocity to Transform Customer Experiences

Advancements further simplify workflows for creatives and marketers.

Consumers today are no longer simply buying products from brands. They’re buying experiences. As brands create compelling experiences for customers at scale, creatives and marketers are being tasked with creating more content to power these experiences. To produce content at a high velocity and succeed in this experience-driven era, brands must tightly integrate creativity, marketing expertise and data.

Adobe Creative Cloud gives companies in every industry the tools they need to harness the power of creativity. Adobe Experience Cloud empowers brands to deliver personalized, real-time experiences across any customer touch point. Tie these two powerful solutions together, and creatives and marketers have everything they need to scale content creation and design, collaborate, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with speed. Today at Adobe MAX, we’re excited to announce several new innovations across Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud that increase content velocity and drive impactful customer experiences.

Easily Incorporate Stock Assets into Marketing Workflows

First off, we’re launching a new integration between Adobe Stock and Adobe Experience Manager, the content management system in Experience Cloud. Now, marketers can easily search, license, manage and reuse Adobe Stock assets directly through Experience Manager Assets and Experience Manager Sites. This integrated experience helps simplify and optimize how users get stock assets into their marketing workflows, empowering marketers and creatives to deliver more consistent digital experiences everywhere.

Additionally, Adobe is partnering with GoPro to develop an exclusive content collection for enterprise and individual users in Adobe Stock. The collection will feature GoPro’s incredible 4K image quality, unique perspectives and iconic points-of-view.

Turn 3D Models into High-quality Marketing Assets

Earlier this year, we announced the integration between Experience Manager Assets and Adobe Dimension CC, giving marketers the tools to seamlessly leverage 3D content designed in Dimension and turn them into marketing experiences. Today we’re making that integration even more powerful for marketers.

Now, within Experience Manager Assets, marketers can bring in a material library featuring different colors, weaves, etc., and swap the materials in a 3D model. Marketers can then render these edited models into new, high-quality 360-degree views or 2D marketing assets. A retailer, for example, can easily add a new herringbone version of its best-selling pant to its website by swapping out the material on the 3D model of the original pant. This saves money and time by avoiding long, costly reshoots.

Connect Creative and Marketer Workflows

In March, we reinforced our commitment to connecting marketer and creative workflows with the official preview of Adobe Asset Link. With Adobe Asset Link, creatives can find, edit and reuse digital assets that reside in Experience Manager directly within Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC through powerful search. Creatives can also leverage the new integration between Adobe Stock and Experience Manager through Adobe Asset Link.

“Synopsys has been the leader in silicon chip design for a long time, but we’re expanding into new markets and need to ensure every experience we provide potential customers is personalized, on brand and delivered at the right moment,” said Dave DeMaria, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Synopsys. “Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud have been instrumental in helping us achieve those objectives and increasing our digital content productivity by 40x. Leveraging Experience Manager Assets with Adobe Asset Link, we’ll be able to streamline our content creation and delivery process even more to provide customers with timely and relevant experiences every time they engage.”

Create Thousands of Ads at Scale

Today, we’re also announcing the general availability of Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative, the new self-service platform that lets marketers use relevant assets created in Creative Cloud directly in Adobe Advertising Cloud. Marketers can take these assets, make simple changes to the ads directly and optimize and target the content across ad sizes without needing to go back to their design team or agency for help.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative enables advertising and creative teams to collaborate more effectively to rapidly rollout new messaging and design, and create thousands of ads at scale.

Create Content Faster Than Ever Before

We’re also excited to release several new innovations today that enable enterprise designers to create content quickly and on emerging channels. These include:

Great customer experiences are created through great collaboration and it takes seamless, efficient connections between creativity, design, marketing and data to satisfy customer expectations. If you’re attending Adobe MAX this week, check out sessions in the enterprise track to learn more about the ways we’re building speed, scale and collaboration into our cloud offerings.