Thousands more fonts for all Creative Cloud Customers

Image courtesy of Type Network.

In the past year we’ve added more fonts than ever to our library – over 7,000 – doubling the total number of fonts available with all Creative Cloud plans to over 14,000. This has been a huge year for us, and our constant expansion wouldn’t be possible without the valuable partnerships we’ve forged with type designers and foundries around the world.

Today I’d like to focus on additions from two sources: the independent designers who are part of the Type Network collective, and our own internal type foundry here at Adobe. Together, they account for over 3,000 fonts available today for both desktop and web use.

Type Network fonts and a new font pack

Type Network is an independent collective of type designers we’ve been delighted to work with since their foundation in 2016. Today’s update is their most substantial addition to our library to date, making over 2,500 more fonts available to all Creative Cloud subscribers.

Sloop Script from Lipton Letter Design (courtesy of Type Network).

Type Network’s roster is varied and spans from classics like the Font Bureau’s Benton Sans, Giza and Bureau Grot to unique and personality-packed fonts like Gimlet from DJR, which looks like almost nothing else we’ve seen. Also included in this addition is script specialist Lipton Letter Design, whose Sloop Script conveys instant, effortless grace (though creating a font like that is anything but!) with plenty of alternate characters to get extra swashy and decorative when you want to.

Gimlet font from DJR (courtesy of Type Network).

If you’re following along with our 30 days of font pack releases, soon you’ll see a new pack curated by Type Network featuring Interstate, DINosaur, and more fonts that are ideal for wayfinding and signage. It’s a great way to get a quick taste of the Type Network collection.

All the Adobe Originals right where you need them

Garamond Premier from Adobe Originals.

Adobe Originals is our in-house type foundry, which has been a part of Adobe since the 1980s. With this addition we’re bringing classics like Kepler and Garamond Premier Pro to customers for desktop use, fonts which were previously limited to direct sales or web use only (or only available in a handful of weights in our library) and harder to get ahold of.

Kepler from Adobe Originals.

We’ve recently removed sync limits and no longer have web-only fonts in our collection, so the only thing that might slow you down when you browse fonts on our new website will be sheer exhaustion from looking through so many.

The Adobe blog is your new source for news about what fonts we’re adding to our library — there’s more every month! Follow @AdobeFonts for our updates. But with today’s additions, maybe you’ll have your hands full for a while?