Trick or Treat! A Special Scary Treat for You — Bring Your Inner Troll to Life

Ghosts! Vampires! Monsters! It’s Halloween, the time of year when our worst nightmares come to life. To celebrate, the Adobe Character Animator and Illustrator teams have a special, scary gift for you: Thorne the Troll. Because trolls, whether they’re under a bridge, in a graveyard, or on the internet, are pretty scary.

Designed by the award-winning illustrator Keith Negley, whose work you can frequently find in The New York Times and New Yorker, Thorne, the Troll, is a multilayered illustrator file rigged and ready for animating. You are free to use and distribute Thorne — our Happy Halloween gift to you!

Never animated before? No need to be scared! You can bring Thorne to life in Character Animator using your web cam and your own performance. Here’s how:

Now you can get started creeping out your friends and family. Send them a spooky recording or even broadcast directly to social. Just click the Stream Live button at the bottom of the Scene panel to enable live streaming.

If Thorne isn’t creepy enough, you can edit it directly in Illustrator using the Thorne.Ai file here. Or bring your own illustrations to life using Character Animator. Really, the options to creep your friends out are endless.

Join Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani live on October 31 at 2pm PT to see more!

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