What’s Coming to Dreamweaver in 2019?

Here’s a quick recap of what we shipped with Adobe Dreamweaver in 2018 — Bootstrap 4 support, enhanced SFTP support for enterprises, JavaScript refactoring, EcmaScript 6 support, new CEF, and more. Busy year, you’d agree. We thank you for your continued feedback and engagement through 2018, which helped shape some of what we shipped during the year.

That said, let’s shift gears and focus on 2019. We have — wait for it — another busy year ahead of us. Here are some key highlights and our thoughts on what we plan to do in 2019:

Live View enhancements

We’ve often heard how hard it is to edit text in Live View. In 2019, we’ll look to ease this pain by attempting to turn text editing into a seamless and non-taxing workflow.

Embrace modern web

Address long-standing issues with developer productivity

All these updates plus lots more are in the pipeline with Dreamweaver.

If there are other features and enhancements you’d like to see built, please leave your feedback in the comments section or on UserVoice.