Jump Start Your Designs This New Year with These Free Adobe XD UI Kits for 2019

UI kits can be valuable components of a designer’s toolkit, with each one containing a collection of elements that you can use alone, or in tandem with your own library of UI elements. At Adobe, we’ve been tapping top designers from around the world to bring you new UI kits every month that can help you ideate more quickly and save time when creating mockups. These elements have included screen layouts, navigational elements, color palettes, and typographic styles. Our hope is that they give you everything you need to build any type of experience you’d like, from e-commerce, to social networking, to voice experiences.

UI kits also provide an opportunity to work with and learn different UI patterns and techniques, or to experiment with a new style or concept. They can be instrumental in helping designers step out of their comfort zone and try something. So whether you’re looking for elements with a specific project in mind or just wanting to experiment with a different kind of UI, here are some of our favorite UI kits for Adobe XD, so far:

XD Auto-Animate Kit: Everything you need to bring animation to your designs

Cover image for the Adobe XD Auto-Animate UI Kit

This animation kit from Howard Pinsky provides examples of micro-interactions, UI elements, drag effects, and more, to be used in both mobile app and web design. Each of these examples is easily customizable; all designers need to do is design the start and end states and Auto-Animate will do the rest. The Auto-Animate UI Kit also includes examples of parallax scrolling and animation states for a website.

Download the Auto-Animate UI Kit

The Amazon Alexa UI Kit: Everything you need to create dynamic voice experiences

Cover image for the Adobe XD Amazon Alexa VUI Kit

Developed by Adobe experience designer Susse Sønderby in conjunction with Amazon, the Amazon Alexa UI Kit allows you to use components from the Alexa Presentation Language (APL), along with APL colors and fonts that help you create authentic experiences for Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Fire TV. Access Alexa Presentation Language templates, and create prototypes in Adobe XD complete with voice triggers and speech responses.

Download the Amazon Alexa VUI Kit for Adobe XD.

MentorMe: Everything you need to create a social networking app

Cover image for the Adobe XD MentorMe UI Kit

MentorMe contains all the UI elements you need to create a powerful social networking app. It’s about a high level of discoverability (since mentors and mentees ultimately want to find each other) and tools and features that keep communication flowing.

Created by Daniel White, who runs the popular software learning site Forever Dansky, MentorMe includes a total of 36 customizable screens, flows for creating profiles, scheduling meetings and appointments, sending and tracking messages, provisioning payments, as well as ratings and notifications. A comprehensive asset panel specifies colors, fonts, headers, navigational elements, inputs, buttons, and over 40 icons to choose from.

Download the MentorMe UI Kit

Editorial UI Kit: Everything you need to create a visually-stunning blog or publication

Cover image for the Adobe XD Editorial UI Kit

This editorial and e-commerce UI kit features 18 different design pages and more than 120 various components. The kit can serve as a solid basis for many different projects, from editorial or fashion blogs to promotional and e-commerce sites. Select individual elements, or take advantage of a full page layout that’s easily customizable with your own content – either way, the Editorial UI Kit will have you up and running with eye-catching design quickly.

Download the Editorial UI Kit

Tractiv UI Kit: Everything you need to create a fitness-tracking app

Cover image for the Adobe XD Tractiv UI Kit

Tractiv has many social and gamification aspects that are key to users getting the most benefit out of a fitness app. When you have a reward system that incentivizes you to achieve – such as dragging chips onto the interactive calendar – and a system that encourages you to share your progress with friends and family, you create more motivation for users to delve into fitness. With Tractiv, you can choose from various screen designs for a modern UI and specific use cases, or quicken your workflows with Repeat Grid, and apply different overlays to simulate real user interactions.

Download the Tractiv UI Kit for Adobe XD.

Adobe XD has tons more UI kits, icon sets, and plugins to help you create any app and web experiences you want. We continue to add more UI resources for you, and check out some of our favorite plugins for designing with real data or visit our XD resources page to see everything on offer right now.

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