December Lightroom Releases

Today we’re releasing updates to the entire Adobe photography ecosystem, including Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for Mac, Windows, Android, ChromeOS, and iOS.

This update contains a number of improvements based off of top customer feature requests as well as interface improvements and support for new cameras and lenses.

Lightroom Classic updates

In the December update for Lightroom Classic CC, we’ve focused on workflow and performance improvements. The details on the top enhancements can be found below, and for a full list of the improvements and bug fixes, please visit the What’s New page.

Customize Develop Panel

Every photographer’s workflow is different and now you can customize the order of the tools in the Develop module to reflect your personalized workflow. Right-click (control + click on Mac) on any panel header in the Develop Module and select “Customize Develop Panel”. In the dialog that opens, you can then reorder or hide the tools.

Auto-import to collection

You can now auto-import images directly into a collection, making it possible to set up a watched folder on your computer to automatically import and then add images into a collection. This also includes importing to a collection that’s synced with or Lightroom CC on iOS or Android. To set up which collection to auto-import into, navigate to the File menu > Auto Import Settings and select “Add to Collection”.

Grid snap in Book Module

In the Book Module, photos now snap to align with other photos by default, and a new option was added to allow photos to be aligned to grid lines, making precise layouts super simple.

Performance improvements

Performance continues to be one of our top priorities and and in this release you’ll notice faster grid scrolling as well as up to 5x faster switching between the Library and Develop modules on 4K and 5K monitors.

Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows

Today’s release for Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows is focused on workflow and performance improvements.

Set as Target Album

Organizing photos can be time consuming, so we’re constantly working on ways to make it faster and easier. With the new Target Album feature, you can quickly add photos to a target album from anywhere in your library with a single shortcut.

First, find the album you want to add photos into and either right-click (control + click on Mac) on the album or click on the three-dot menu within the album and click on the Set as the Target Album option. After you’ve enabled a specific album to act as a target album, any time you tap the T key on your keyboard will add the selected photos to the target album. You can disable the target album by following the same steps as above.

Album sharing improvements

When sharing your Lightroom albums with friends and family, you can filter which images are shared based on picks and star ratings, enabling you to share an entire album but ensuring that only the best photos are accessible by anyone else. These new filters are part of the Share Settings dialog that appears after clicking the “Share to Web” option.

Performance improvements

We improved import speed, making it faster for you to import images into Lightroom CC from an SD memory card or camera connected over USB. We also improved how quickly faces load in People view.

Lightroom CC for Android and ChromeOS

This release has a number of workflow enhancements, with the major improvements listed below. For a full list of improvements and bug fixes found in this release, please visit the What’s New page.

New shared albums tab

In addition to the Library Tab, there’s a new tab that provides you with access to all of the photos and albums that you’ve shared to online to

Ad-hoc photo shares

You can now create an online share of photos with a arbitrary assortment of photos. Instead of creating an album and sharing that album, you can now select any number of photos that you want to share, tap the 3-dot menu at the top-right of the screen, and then select Share to Web. Like any other web share, you can control whether people that you share that link with can download or see the photos’ metadata.

Wired ethernet support

You can now access the internet via wired ethernet, a feature often requested for running Lightroom Android on ChromeOS.

Lightroom CC for iOS

This release has a number of small tweaks and performance improvements as we prepare for some exciting features that will be coming next year. For a full list of improvements and bug fixes found in this release, please visit the What’s New page.