Better Together: Why You Need a Partner-Based Technology Ecosystem

Adobe Exchange technology partners help solve common and complex challenges with product extensions that easily integrate with Adobe customer experience management solutions.

Enterprise Holdings — the parent company of Alamo, Enterprise, and National car rental services — often has more than 1 million unique marketing codes in circulation. With so many data points from a variety of siloed marketers, they are challenged to create a single source of truth to understand the impact that marketing campaigns have on the company as a whole.

Progrexion — another parent company with consumer sites and — struggled to track the customer journey across online activity and offline conversations. Because of the sensitive nature of Progrexion’s interactions with their customers, most of them want to speak to a live representative on the phone before signing up for Progrexion’s services online.

These examples represent just two issues digital marketers face as they work to connect technology solutions and data to better manage customer experiences.

Diverse needs, one unifying solution

Despite their technology challenges, businesses like Enterprise and Progrexion are finding the unique solutions they need through Adobe Exchange technology partners. Adobe’s customer experience management solutions are architected with brands’ needs and developers’ interests top of mind.

The goal is to make it simple for third-party tools to integrate directly with Adobe solutions. Customer technology stacks are enhanced as software vendors take advantage of Adobe’s open and extensible architecture. Adobe customers can easily weave together the right tools to benefit from the collective innovation of many companies and increase the value they get from their investment in Adobe solutions.

Create your custom technology stack

As you map your customer journey, you’ll probably get a better picture of the assets, technologies, and partner capabilities you need to get to your goal.

“Start with knowing what you need to get right, in terms of managing better customer experiences,” says Eric Stein, chief revenue officer for Branch, an Adobe Exchange technology partner that offers mobile deep linking and attribution solutions. “Map out the journey, identify pitfalls, and then identify vendors who can help you solve those confidently.”

Enterprise Holdings needed a holistic understanding of the impact of marketing campaigns and a comprehensive customer view. TMMData, a premier data integration, preparation, and management software provider, was the right Adobe technology partner for them. TMMData’s solution easily integrated with Adobe Analytics to help Enterprise Holdings decentralize campaign tracking setup and centralize analysis and insight generation.

With this customization in place, Enterprise Holdings can now collect, cleanse, standardize, and align their data so diverse data points can be analyzed and understood. Within 12 months, 21 million codes had been standardized and were being tracked in Analytics.

“Adobe Analytics and TMMData working together have really allowed Enterprise Holdings to better understand the value of our marketing and advertising efforts,” says Chris Simpson, manager of marketing technology at Enterprise Holdings, “ultimately helping us realize the effect these programs have on customer behavior.”

This realization powered the creation of a consistent customer experience across all brands — National, Alamo, and Enterprise — allowing the company to better engage with customers at every opportunity.

Similarly, Progrexion identified an Adobe technology partner to address its unique needs. They are able to seamlessly integrate Invoca’s call intelligence platform into multiple Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Now Progrexion can instantly identify channels inbound callers are coming from by relying on Invoca’s AI to categorize and assess the outcome of the call, and associate the information with a single customer ID across channels.

“Invoca and Adobe allow us to derive insights from customer touchpoints that happen over the phone, and turn them into actionable data that can be integrated with our online analytics platform,” says Steven Jones, associate director of testing and optimization at Progrexion. “This bridges the gap between online and offline journeys, optimizing our marketing efforts while improving the customer experience.”

The insights and improvements gained from Progrexion’s technology stack drove a 40 percent boost in sales and a 9 percent drop in cost per customer acquisition.

Get the right technology stack with a network of powerful options

Instead of trying to find a single vendor “silver bullet” solution, companies are gravitating toward integrating the specific solutions they need to achieve their business objectives.

Adobe Experience Cloud customers can collaborate with Adobe technology partners to create the custom technology stacks that seamlessly integrate with Adobe products. They are benefiting from the capabilities that a full ecosystem of technology partners can bring, and are able to focus on the real business of managing — building, measuring, and optimizing — engaging customer experiences.

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