New in Adobe Fonts: Wayfinding, Handwriting, Masonry, and More

by Sally Kerrigan

posted on 12-17-2018

With thousands of fonts already in your Creative Cloud subscription, it’s hard to keep track when there are new fonts available — especially since we add them on a regular basis. Since our big updates in October, we’ve added a little bit of everything: fonts for wayfinding and informational display, a new foundry partner with gorgeous handwriting fonts, a font that looks like bricks (we’ll explain that a bit more), and some new releases from our internal Adobe Type foundry.

All these are included with Creative Cloud subscriptions — so if you see something you’d like to try, it’s absolutely risk-free to activate on your own computer.

Fonts from TypeTogether

The talented people of indie type foundry TypeTogether have added four new font families to our library, each of which only adds to the great reputation they’ve developed over their years in the business of designing type.

Arlette and Arlette Thai. Artwork courtesy of TypeTogether.

Arlette comes to us from designers Pilar Cano and Ferran Milan, and it has a playful personality unique among sans serif fonts, and fantastic for projects like packaging design. We’ve also added Arlette Thai to our library, which has six weights of its own (Arlette Latin has eight, plus italics) for expanded stylistic control in the gorgeous Thai script.

Molto and Protipo from TypeTogether.

Slab serif fonts like Molto by Xavier Dupré are made to grab attention, and with nine weights on offer you’ll have a healthy range to work with. While it’s wonderfully attractive when sized up for headings and display use, Molto can work nicely for setting longer blocks of text as well.

Finally there’s Protipo, from designers and TypeTogether founders José Scaglione and Veronika Burian. With narrow, compact, and wide widths in addition to the standard, Protipo is designed to fit anywhere you need clarity — particularly for navigational aids like signage, maps, timetables, and directories.

New foundry partner: Liebe Fonts

LiebeRuth (“handmode with love” and “Berlin”) and LiebeDoni (“Cucina Italiana,” ampersands, and “make good stuff”). Artwork courtesy of Ulrike Rausch.

We’re delighted to welcome four font families to our library from the talented Ulrike Rausch, whose type foundry LiebeFonts is new to Adobe Fonts. Ulrike takes a handmade approach for her fonts, often painting or sketching them out with the same tools she uses for her equally stunning lettering art.

LiebeErika might be our new go-to when we need a handwriting font that looks effortlessly casual while still being tidy enough to read clearly. LiebeGerda is an expressive cousin by comparison, with dramatic brushy strokes that will command attention — a beautiful way to fill a page.

Stack and Chapman from JTD

Chapman is a fun, dramatic, and personality-packed serif, drawn in three widths (condensed and extended, in addition to the regular width) by JTD’s founder and designer, James Hultquist-Todd. We can’t get over the exaggerated serifs in this one — someone’s going to put an eye out on that E! — and the extended weight is especially grand.

Chapman from JTD. Artwork courtesy of James Hultquist-Todd.

Stack, meanwhile (shown in this article’s feature image) takes a hard left turn from Chapman and brings us into the territory of industrial type — in this case, lettering done with bricks. Stack is a digital representation of a lettering style you’d otherwise only see in masonry, and is the end result of hours of research James put toward looking at brick masonry for inspiration. There may be other brick-pattern fonts out there, but can you replicate them with actual bricks?

New from Adobe Type

Ten Mincho Text, Adobe Telugu, and Source Han Sans 2.0 (bottom right) were all released this past month from Adobe Type.

It was a busy autumn at our in-house Adobe Type foundry, too — particularly for non-Latin scripts. Read more in our blog posts announcing Adobe Telugu, an expansion to the Japanese type family Ten Mincho, and the 2.0 version of Pan-CJK font Source Han Sans.

We add new fonts to your Creative Cloud subscriptions regularly — watch this space for updates!

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