Creating Your Brand in Adobe Spark

Set up your brand with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark makes it easy to define your brand. Just upload a logo and define colors and fonts that relate to your organization’s identity. This, in turn, empowers Adobe Spark to apply your brand to a wide range of templates and layouts that will save you incredible amounts of time.

Getting started

Begin creating your brand in Adobe Spark by visiting the Spark website. Sign in to your Creative Cloud account and click on the “Add brand” link at the top of the Spark site. You will then be presented with three primary steps for defining your brand, which includes a logo, a primary color, and font.

Once you define these steps, Spark will immediately begin preparing a range of templates and styles based on your brand elements. The Spark platform includes options for creating graphics, web pages, and videos — all with fully customizable templates that already include your branding.

As we discussed in “Make Adobe Spark Post Your Production Artist,” Spark Post can quickly remix your layouts for various sizes — allowing you to focus only on the design details of each layout.

Applying your brand to any template

The Spark team is always adding new templates, whether to highlight a new season or to simply keep up to date with new design trends. If you have defined a brand in Spark, those new templates can be “brandified” with your brand automatically. When using the Spark Post mobile app, choose a template, then tap on “Remix,” and then “Design.”

The Brandify option gives you the option to immediately apply your brand properties to be applied to the selected template — including colors, fonts, and logos. This gives you an immediate branded project that you can customize. It’s like having your own production artist.

Learn more about Adobe Spark Post

Join Chris Converse in the recorded webinar and discover how to leverage the power of Adobe Spark Post to help you get your design work done faster.

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