From Hand Lettering to Illustrator via Creative Cloud

Design by Codify Design Studio.

Using the power of Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe mobile and desktop apps allow you to capture, convert, and create from anywhere — on any device. Take your creativity from the real world to your digital layouts with Creative Cloud files and libraries.

Capturing art from the real world

Being inspired by art and design around you is the main purpose of Adobe Capture. Take a photo of text, colors, textures, or drawings, and Capture will convert those images into a range of possibilities for you to use in your design projects.

The powerful machine-learning capabilities of the Creative Cloud, named Adobe Sensei, allows Capture to identify fonts, extract colors, and even turn photos of art into fully editable vector artwork. In the example above, a hand-lettered city name is being captured and converted to editable vector artwork for use in Illustrator. Once the artwork has been converted, it can be saved to a Creative Cloud library where it can be used in any application across both mobile and desktop apps.

Sharing assets with Creative Cloud

Your creative assets are available in a variety of ways across the Creative Cloud. Libraries are accessible from any other Creative Cloud desktop or mobile app, as well as from various other services, including Photos, Color, Adobe Stock, online documents, and prototypes.

The example above shows the captured headline being available in the Creative Cloud library panel within Illustrator. Once placed into a layout, Illustrator can access the vector data and provide you with full editing capabilities for the artwork. Edit colors, points, and bézier curves to further customize the artwork for your design project.

Learn more about working with your Creative Cloud assets

Manage your Creative Cloud libraries, open a mobile drawing with Illustrator, or share Photoshop and InDesign files with your clients — with just a web browser! Creative Cloud Assets give you unparalleled access for creating, sharing, and previewing all of the latest creations from your design team.

In the Work Anywhere with Creative Cloud webinar, we’ll explore the many features of Creative Cloud Assets, including how to share native design files with your clients, synchronize your creations across devices, deploy interactive prototypes, and collaborate and share final web assets with your web developers.

You’ll learn how to:

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