New Year, New Look

Introducing an all new Behance profile and project page for 2019.

Image by Ari Weinkle.

Today we are excited to introduce a brand new Behance profile and project page that better showcases your work, front and center.

Big, beautiful project covers

An eye-catching cover to a Behance project is crucial. In your updated profile, you can now find larger cover images that better highlight your creative work. You can still see important info about each project when you hover over the covers.

Image by Ari Weinkle.

Customizable banner images

You can now upload a custom banner image to your Behance profile. Add a touch of personality and stay on brand with a banner image of your choice. Drag in an image, reposition to your liking, and you’re done!

More information on banner images can be found here.

Image by Ari Weinkle.

A brand new project page

An incredible Behance project deserves only the best presentation. In the new project pages, project and creator information is at the top and bottom of the page, and actions like Share, Save to Collection, Follow, and Appreciate are always present.

Image by Ari Weinkle.