Creative Cloud Assets: Retiring Web-based Extract

The Your Work section of Creative Cloud continues to evolve as we consider feedback from our community around managing and collaborating on creative work. We continue to explore new requested features as well as maintain current features that many of you rely on. Keeping this focus on improving the customer experience occasionally means removing certain features.

In March, we will be completing the transition from the old interface of Creative Cloud Assets to the new interface, now referred to as Your Work. As part of this transition, we will be retiring web-based Extract. The good news is that there is a more robust alternative available to you — Adobe XD Design Specs — and all other features in the most recent release of Creative Cloud Libraries and mobile creations will remain available.

What’s changing?

With the completion of this transition, Your Work will be the central destination for accessing your Creative Cloud-synced files, XD cloud documents, published assets, assets shared with you, and, as of earlier this month, your Creative Cloud Libraries and mobile creations. As mentioned above, we will be retiring web-based Extract in March. It is important to note that the Extract feature within the Photoshop and Dreamweaver desktop applications is still available and supported.

What alternative workflows do I have for Extract?

The designer-to-developer collaboration that Extract supports can be accomplished with Adobe XD Design Specs. Similar to Extract, Adobe XD Design Specs enable you to retrieve HEX values of colors on designs, view font specs, inspect layers by clicking on them, and much more. Adobe XD Design Specs also have functionality beyond that of Extract, such as private collaborator invitations and commenting. Additionally, as a feature that is actively being developed, Adobe XD Design Specs will continue to introduce new functionality that further improves the designer-to-developer collaboration and hand-off process.

Please note that copying CSS code snippets in Adobe XD Design Specs is not yet available, but the functionality is targeted for release soon. To learn more about designer-to-developer workflows using Adobe XD Design Specs, feel free to check out the following resources:

Looking forward

This transition to the new interface creates a modernized foundation for Your Work, on which we can continue to release updates. In 2019, you can look forward to ongoing improvements to content management and collaboration capabilities for your Creative Cloud work.

If you have more questions, please check out these resources: