Celebrate Your Instagram Husband This Valentine’s Day with a Little “Kamra Shootra”

Whether it be novices picking up a camera for the first time to professionals who make their living behind the lens, supporting and empowering photographers at every skill level is at the heart of what we do at Adobe. From expanding the ever-growing capabilities of Lightroom CC to continuing to invest in the development of Lightroom Classic CC, we strive to provide every photographer with the tools they need to do their best work, no matter where they are or what equipment they’re using.

Over the last few years, social media platforms (and specifically Instagram) have exploded while smartphone cameras have become more advanced than ever before. There is now a rising cultural phenomenon in which people use their phones – and in many cases traditional cameras – to get the perfect social media shots for their significant others, partners, friends, family, and even pets. These photographers are now known as “Instagram husbands,” but Instagram husbands don’t have to be male or even married – they just have to know how to create stunning images that get their loved ones all the likes and comments their hearts desire. When asked about what he’ll do to “get the shot”, Ben Jolliffe (Instagram husband to Jenn Im) explains, “I’m forever laying in roads, hanging off sides of buildings, the lot. I enjoy getting the right shot, even if it’s hard to capture, because those are the shots that stand out.”

According to a recent Adobe survey of 1,000 U.S. Millennials who use Instagram at least weekly, we found that nearly half (48%) of Millennial Instagram users support someone else’s Instagram presence by shooting photos or videos for them. In particular, Millennial males are nearly twice as likely to take photos or videos for others.

Instagram husbands – the unsung heroes behind some of today’s biggest social media stars, influencers, and your everyday Instagram users – work tirelessly and are willing to go to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot. According to the survey, nearly half (46%) of male Millennial Instagram users have climbed on top of something, 2 out of 5 have laid down on the floor, and 39% admitted to embarrassing themselves in front of strangers to get the best shot of a significant other or friend. Instagram husbands even occasionally sacrifice a hot meal for the cause – 1 out of 3 Millennial Instagram users admitted to going hungry or having a meal go cold to capture the best shot.

Thankfully, the dedication of these behind-the-camera heroes has paid off. Despite the hard work that goes into it, most (88%) Millennial Instagram users say getting the perfect shot for someone else’s Instagram feed makes them feel really good, and 86% say they love it when someone uses a photo or video they shot on their Instagram feed. On this topic, Paris Sims (Instagram husband to Courtney Quinn) says, “Being an Instagram husband is definitely rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. It’s amazing to be able to build a brand and presence with the person that you love while traveling the world, attending events, and being creative, but it’s a lot more work than people realize and sometimes requires sacrifice. Lucky for us, we have a great time shooting and working together so we can combine work and play!”

The warm and fuzzy feelings aren’t the only thing that makes all the hard work worth it – all of these photo shoots are improving their photography skills, too. Eighty-five percent of Millennial Instagram users say they’ve seen their photography skills improve since they started taking photos or videos for others to post on Instagram. Additionally, 90% of Millennial Instagram users take two or more photos to get the perfect shot, and 36% take at least 5 shots. As you can see, Instagram husbands don’t just take one photo and move on – they take pride in getting the shot just right.

Their relentless dedication to getting the final photo you see on your feed is why Adobe is celebrating Instagram husbands this Valentine’s Day. This year we’re honoring all of these behind-the-camera partners who have laid on the ground, climbed on rooftops, hung off the sides of boats and endured every position possible for the perfect shot.

For all the “Kamra Shootra” they do to capture what they love, this one is for the Instagram husbands. Celebrate your #InstagramHusband this Valentine’s Day by sharing a photo of them to your Instagram feed and tag #KamraShootra!