Adobe Announces Next Generation of the Adobe Exchange Application Marketplace

Empowering Customers & Partners to Easily Extend and Enhance Adobe Products

At Adobe Summit, Adobe introduced the next generation of Adobe Exchange to advance the development and management of technology partners’ applications and integrations with Adobe solutions. Advancements include new Adobe I/O APIs and services to help partners and developers build and publish Exchange applications as well as new enterprise authorization and installation capabilities to help customers find and acquire applications.

The release builds on the strong partner adoption of Adobe Exchange over the past 12 months, with over 74-percent growth in the number of partners using the marketplace as a sales and distribution channel to reach enterprise customers. With the addition of Marketo and Magento, customers now have access to over 10,000 marketplace applications, extensions, data and services to optimize every stage of the customer journey across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud.

“We are excited to see all the ways that partners and developers are building on and extending Adobe products and services through the Adobe Exchange marketplace,” said Amit Ahuja, vice president, Experience Cloud Partners at Adobe. “Together, we are accelerating innovation and delivering tangible value for our customers.”

For example, a joint Invoca and Adobe solution recently empowered credit repair leader Progrexion to gain visibility into conversions that are happening over the phone. By bridging online and offline customer journeys, the company increased sales and signups by a whopping 40 percent while decreasing cost per acquisition by 9 percent.

The enterprise authorization and installation advances in this release empower customers to more easily acquire Exchange applications. Customers can see all the Adobe Exchange applications installed by their organization under My Exchange and can easily request applications through their organization administrator. Meanwhile enterprise administrators can authorize and install Adobe Exchange applications built on the Adobe I/O framework.

Notable improvements for partners and developers include:

Partners that have already built and published an application on Adobe Exchange will need to update their application to the new Adobe I/O framework. This simple migration will give partners access to valuable new services, while improving the customer experience and making the application more attractive to enterprises.