ICYMI: Adobe Summit Sneaks 2019

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Sneaks is always such a fun session at Adobe MAX and Summit. It’s where our incredible Adobe engineers take the stage to share short demos of potential future tech at Adobe. It’s inspirational. It’s entertaining. This year’s Summit Sneaks were co-hosted by actress, writer, and producer, Mindy Kaling, and Adobe’s Steve Hammond, the Sr. Director of Experience Business in APAC. Mindy and Steve kicked off the show by demonstrating #MovingStills, which was shown at last year’s MAX Sneaks (Mindy called it “pure sorcery!”), and then they sat back with the audience to be wowed by the innovation this year’s presenters shared.

Unlike our keynotes that are live-streamed, Sneaks is a session exclusive to those attending Summit in person. But, we’ve decided to make all the videos available to those of you who couldn’t join us. Check out all the Sneaks here:


Augmented Offers empowers marketers to increase customer engagement by delivering relevant and meaningful AR experiences to customers. It uses Adobe’s Experience Cloud SDK, powered by the Adobe Target extension, and Adobe Sensei to drive the delivery of AR content based on user profiles in real time.


Journey Genius enables marketers to explore the history and future predictions of customers’ journeys, and make intervention plans for achieving a better outcome.

Leveraging Adobe Sensei, marketers are enabled to predict customers’ next actions to foresee who might unsubscribe. Journey Genius then recommends that marketers send a retention offer before the predicted unsubscribe. In other cases, Customer experience representatives are enabled to predict which customers might experience bottlenecks and provide support ahead of time.


Data Unbound aims to bring Experience Cloud data to the user and make the data more accessible to Adobe customers beyond our standard interfaces.

First, a new plugin that imports Analytics data into PowerPoint is shown. Workspace visualizations are accessible and automatically refreshed with data via API. Then, a new feature called Open Data Links allows data to be easily copy/pasted from Workspace into any application: Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Terminal. And finally, we need to consider the data consumer who would rather read than view a visualization. For them, captions are automatically applied to explain each visualization using Adobe Sensei – in both Analysis Workspace and PowerPoint.


Intelligent Agent connects the power of Adobe Document Cloud with Microsoft Cognitive Services to help customers better understand contractual language. For example, a customer receives a new contract that from a brand that they have worked with for years. The Intelligent Agent customer can use Microsoft’s voice assistant to engage natural language processing to ask specific questions about the current contract, and even compare the response to last year’s contract.


Expert Assist is a solution powered by Adobe I/O which invokes Adobe Sensei features via in the Slack app. Expert Assist showcases AI democratization and the benefits of Adobe Sensei that users can get by just using Slack and potentially any client apps. The demo uses a marketing department user scenario which adds the power of Slack collaboration to: auto-crop and place text on an image.


Phonic Filters gives the marketers an opportunity to get a feel for what’s in their large repositories (e.g., photos in folders) and, utilizing Adobe Sensei-powered search enables finding the perfect content faster. Finding the perfect image or video can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Phonic Filters is a project that utilizes machine learning & AI to make the process effortless, you can find the perfect content faster & easier using natural language to describe the exact attributes of what you’re looking for.


Car Smarts aims to increase marketing efficiencies in the automotive industry by powering OEMs with information about vehicle’s health status — derived from vehicle diagnostic information. In addition, Car Smarts displays real-time car performance information to help predict breakdowns, service requirements, etc. This information becomes available to both consumers and manufacturers for analysis and optimization. There are 2 parts to the solution:

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