Hitachi Solutions Europe Accelerates Pace of Business

With Adobe Sign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hitachi Solutions Europe cut its contract turnaround time by 80%.

When companies close deals faster, the sales process is more linear, work starts sooner, and the book of business is much healthier.

Consultants at Hitachi Solutions Europe, Ltd. are firm believers in the power of internal technology to drive business forward—and when Hitachi Solutions grew 10x in 7 years, it saw a huge opportunity. After helping several of its own clients achieve ROI by integrating Adobe Sign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, it was time to bring those business benefits in-house to the sales contracting process.

By integrating Adobe Document Cloud with its existing Microsoft Dynamics implementation, Hitachi Solutions shortened its contract turnaround times by 80 percent, from 10 business days to just 2. Hitachi Solutions employees simply open a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer record and click a button to create documentation—including consulting agreements, NDAs, work orders, and legal documents—then click again to send the documents for signature through Adobe Sign.

Customers can easily view, sign, and return documents from any device, which speeds completing documents so they can receive services faster. There’s also no more need to store the paper documents at Hitachi Solutions because signed documents are stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365, through the native integration with Microsoft SharePoint, saving the company money.

The impact? Hitachi Solutions Europe can work faster and smarter, and further strengthen its reputation as a technology leader that turns problems into solutions.

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