Engaging Experiences Start with Intelligent Images

There’s a lot behind every image — and Adobe Sensei can help you unearth it.

Different images evoke different emotions which, in turn, help influence purchasing decisions. But successfully evoking a response through images isn’t a science — it’s an art. And it’s an art that requires time to plan, time to get inspired, and time to push new creative boundaries.

Surprisingly, though, 74 percent of creative professionals spend more than half of their time on repetitive, non-creative tasks. To reduce time spent on this “busy-work” and increase time spent on creative execution instead, creatives and marketing professionals can tap into the power of artificial intelligence — specifically, Adobe’s AI and machine-learning technology, Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei leverages AI and machine-learning technology to deepen insights, enhance creative expression, accelerate tasks and workflows, and drive real-time decision-making. Here are some ways to leverage Adobe Sensei’s AI capabilities in your workflows and elevate all things pertaining to images:

#1: Collect the images worth capturing, faster

Your customers’ needs and objectives aren’t the only factors shaping your creative campaigns. Specifications such as the device or medium where images will be experienced are equally important. Navigating the requirements of different mediums while still delivering sophisticated design elements can be especially time-consuming.

Adobe Sensei adds AI-powered content intelligence to speed up this process. For example, after launching Adobe Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements, Adobe Sensei analyzes the content to power content curation and content layout.

These “Auto Creations” powered by Adobe Sensei automatically generate slideshows and collages highlighting memorable moments — created just for you, without the need for extra clicks. You can also now customize collages by panning and zooming on photos or replacing backgrounds — and choose from new templates that will look great on Instagram or other social media posts.

Save time extracting key event moments from raw video with Candid Moments in Adobe Photoshop Premiere Elements. Candid Moments uses Adobe Sensei to automatically extract quality, “in-the-nick-of-time” candid moments. You can use each of these candid moments later — save them to your computer, export them to the timeline, or create another slideshow.

Adobe Sensei also eliminates tedious cropping and layout adjustments. With Adobe Sensei, Magic Layout in Spark Post automatically delivers faster, more sophisticated layouts.

Spark Post’s content-aware layout system analyzes your chosen content for aspect ratio and a variety of other triggers. It attempts to determine which part of the image is the most interesting, then makes intelligent suggestions for cropping, layout positions, and image zooming.

The system even detects the best place for text, including where to insert an editable text box over an image, based on relatively empty space and other image attributes. Spark Post also lets you interact with multiple layout options quickly.

#2: Remove bottlenecks between concept and completion

It seems like there’s always a new milestone when it comes to digital platforms. In just the first few weeks of March, for example, Pinterest introduced new e-commerce tools, Twitter debuted an in-app camera function, and Facebook unveiled a new gaming tab in its mobile app.

More customer channels mean more demand for customers’ attention, and that makes increasing content velocity so incredibly important. Speeding up certain tasks, such as image search and image masking, is key to delivering content from concept to completion. For example, if you’re creating a cross-channel ad campaign, it’s easy to pull together the assets you need and edit content so it can get into the market faster.

In this example, your creative team can start by tapping into massive content repositories in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. These are now powered by Adobe Sensei’s AI to help people quickly, easily, and accurately search for the right asset for projects.

Using Sensei, Lightroom’s Auto Settings cross-reference your image against other professional images to automatically create the best image edits, on multiple dimensions. From there, Photoshop feature Select Subject generates foreground masks that can be selected and applied for image editing, with one click, and Face-Aware Liquify automatically detects facial features with drag-and-drop controls to edit those features.

The Content-Aware Fill tool — available in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator — is another Adobe Sensei-powered time-saver that literally expands the boundaries of your images. It automatically fills in and straightens the edges of cropped images, with matching content. The crop tool also lets you crop a photo to a different aspect ratio — for example, from horizontal to square — without leaving any empty areas at the edges.

#3 Interpret the “language” behind images

It’s been said that learning a new language can make you a more creative problem-solver. Now imagine that you could “speak” the language of visual images — and imagine the kinds of incredible, game-changing ideas you could generate.

Using AI you can understand the “language” of images. And Adobe Sensei’s AI-based image “translation” tools can lead to impressively fast workflows.

One of these tools is Adobe’s breakthrough image similarity technology, which enhances visual search capabilities within Adobe Stock. Borne out of a partnership between the Adobe Research and Adobe Stock teams, this AI-powered visual search interprets a search for images and retrieves results based on visual similarities such as content, color, and composition.

Image similarity technology means no more relying on just luck or clicking through seemingly endless image options. Instead, AI completes the necessary analysis of the RGB values, spatial composition, and other key attributes of every image pixel to help locate the perfect image.

Marketers can also use Smart Crop to easily detect and crop the focal point in any image or video. This makes it easier to deliver an experience automatically optimized for different platforms such as an image that is helpful for a shopper on their smartphone, versus when they are viewing content on a desktop computer.

Deliver more powerful design experiences with Adobe Sensei

Chances are that you’re inspired more by meaningful work, and less by the “click mouse here, click mouse there” tasks. AI is the most capable technology assistant to help bring to life your uniquely human skills and creative ideas — and, for creatives and marketers, Adobe Sensei can push boundaries while freeing you up to do even more.

Whether you want to reach users through high-fashion photography, convince drivers to buy a new ride, or promote a hot new travel destination, images matter. And intelligent images, delivered by Adobe Sensei, help expedite the creative journey from start to finish.

To learn more about integrating AI and machine learning into your design processes today, check out the Adobe Blog.