Amazon Sales Channel in Magento Enables Merchants to Expand Customer Reach and Grow Revenue

The reason why a brand or merchant should consider having a presence on Amazon Marketplace is obvious: they can reach a much wider customer base than any other marketplace in the world. Amazon today accounts for 44 percent of U.S. online retail sales, and even if the final transaction does not take place on Amazon, 55 percent of shoppers use the site as a starting point for product discovery. It’s no surprise then that most merchants, both big and small, listing products on one of the world’s largest online retail marketplaces is a non-negotiable strategy.

However, for many small to medium-sized businesses that are challenged with achieving growth while scaling operations, becoming a viable player in the Amazon economy can feel more like a pipe dream than an achievable business strategy. Why? Because any new channel represents a host of different operational nuances and best practices. For one, you are introducing a new platform for your team to learn, manage and maintain. And if your teams are already maxed out, it may require you to hire additional staff or a system integrator to implement the channel.

The challenges don’t end there. Brands can also run into issues when trying to price their items competitively and in real-time against other Amazon sellers. And then there’s the task of intelligently managing inventory across multiple sales channels that naturally don’t sync with each other. The end result isn’t just a loss of sales, but in today’s world where customer context is everything, it could mean a very real chance that the consumer will not want to engage with your brand ever again.

Introducing Amazon Sales Channel in Magento

Amazon Sales Channel effectively removes these barriers to entry for merchants trying to gain a foothold on Amazon by allowing them to quickly integrate their catalog, establish a bi-directional data flow and start managing listings from their Magento admin. By seamlessly integrating their Magento store with multiple Amazon accounts and regions, merchants can make their Magento Admin the central hub for all their critical Amazon marketplace activities, thereby reducing data silos, removing operational friction, and eliminating additional integration costs. Amazon Sales Channel is a free downloadable extension generally available today in the Magento Marketplace for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.4 (and later) customers.

Key benefits include:

While third-party connectors and other commerce platforms tout their ability to integrate with Amazon, none can offer the depth of bi-directional integration or breadth of functionalities and benefits that Magento does, including intelligent pricing, range of fulfilment options, automated product listing and more.

Amazon Sales Channel along with Google Shopping ads Channel (also generally available today) are two of several future Channels product releases on our roadmap to empower our merchants to successfully reach customers wherever they shop.

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