Adobe and Capgemini Invent Join Forces to Drive Immersive, Design-Led Customer Experiences

Capgemini and Adobe expand their collaboration to include a design-led partnership, with Adobe XD as the centerpiece.

Every part of the enterprise should be indispensable to creating a best-in-class customer experience. But too many businesses are leaving one valuable resource untapped — design.

Design-led experience transformation helps businesses excel, uncover new growth potential and bring products to market twice as fast as competitors, which is critical since research shows that 14% of new product launches account for 61% of company profits.

This is why we are expanding our partnership with Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, consulting and transformation arm of the Capgemini Group, to empower our global clients to maximize their design capabilities to achieve a better customer experience.

Adobe XD, a collaborative platform for designing and prototyping user experiences, will be the centerpiece of this design-led partnership. Capgemini creative teams across the company’s global network of design studios, including Idean, will use Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe XD to develop customer experiences across the retail, financial services, manufacturing and telecoms sectors. They will use the breadth and depth of its expertise to provide insight into the development of Adobe XD design systems and collaboration capabilities. Furthermore, Capgemini plans to leverage the voice prototyping capabilities in Adobe XD to design conversational interface solutions for its clients.

“Design is an underutilized capability for enterprises to deliver an ongoing superior customer experience to its customers. Our collaboration with Adobe will enable us to extend and expand our design capabilities to continue helping our clients deliver the contextual relevance that forms an emotional connection with their customers.” said Mark Taylor, Managing Director, Customer Engagement, Capgemini Invent.

The partnership also will bring together Adobe and Capgemini Invent’s design communities around best practices and thought leadership that transforms how brands use design to connect with consumers. In June, Adobe and Idean will kick off this partnership with an e-book and a webinar focused on design systems that will share insights around how enterprises can drive more efficiency and collaboration throughout their organizations to achieve their customer experience goals. Watch the recording of “How Design Systems Define Business Success” webinar where Adobe and Idean discuss design systems in more detail.

Our joint clients look to us to help solve their experience challenges. As enterprises increasingly seek to develop design thinking and systems to improve how they operate, our design-led partnership will provide end-to-end solutions for all their transformation needs.