Adobe Showcases Labs Innovations for eCommerce

Despite all the growth that has happened in online shopping, the experience itself has not seen massive change in recent years. For good reason, innovation has largely focused on driving simplicity and convenience while refining how shopping is done on smaller screens. Retailers have made great strides here, and the quality-of-experience gap has narrowed between online and in-store shopping. This now places the industry in the beginning stages of another wave of change, one that will tap into maturing technologies such as AI/machine learning, augmented reality (AR) and voice assistants. It is a change that will benefit both consumers and the industry, enhancing the ways in which we shop online but also how retailers run their businesses.

At the Imagine Conference, Adobe gave a sneak peek into eCommerce innovations coming out of R&D. Attendees got an exclusive look at technology that will impact the industry most and what it means for their business. Best of all, this comes directly from the Magento community—heroes on the ground who drive innovation each and every day. From developers and agencies to technology partners, each inventor taps their specific area of expertise to build innovations on top of Magento’s robust and flexible platform. The aim is to make the technology broadly available, for retailers of any size to adopt and better compete. Technology has leveled the playing field in many cases, and any brand can now amaze shoppers and lead in customer experience management (CXM).

Adobe showcased “Commerce Sneaks” at Imagine including:

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