How Bobby Berk Gets Work Done With Style

Juggling fame, furnishings, and fabulousness like a boss.

Bobby Berk spends so much time making other people’s homes look amazing that he rarely gets to spend time on — or even in — his own.

When Bobby isn’t helping heroes revamp their residences on his Emmy Award-winning Netflix show Queer Eye, he’s running his own full-service bespoke interior design practice and curating content for his lifestyle site

But Bobby knows that a happy home can mean a happy life. So, when he walks through his own front door, he wants to leave the paperwork, problems, and production behind. That means he needs to get things done on-the-go. And he does — like a boss.

Keeping it real on the road

Adobe tools aren’t new to Bobby and his team. From cutting out products in Adobe Photoshop then adding them to a presentation on the fly, to pulling together final proposal decks for clients in InDesign, he uses the entire Adobe Creative Cloud daily. But that’s just the beginning — his secret and oh-so-stylish weapon is Adobe Document Cloud solutions, including Adobe Scan, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Sign.

“Being on the road means a lot of back and forth with my design team so that I can keep tabs on what they are working on and help design from afar,” Bobby says. “With Adobe Acrobat, we can send files back and forth easily. I can rearrange pages, add notes, and give feedback to my team so much faster.”

So what does that look like?

First, inspiration strikes

“When I’m traveling, I get inspired by any number of sources — colors, textures, styles, or ideas from magazines and books,” Bobby says. “I love to jot everything down in my sketchbook.”

Then, he acts on it by scanning and converting to PDF

Using the Adobe Scan mobile app, Bobby can capture a page in his sketchbook, a magazine, a book, or even an image of a fabric swatch, paint color, or texture, and convert the file into a PDF in seconds.

Next, he’s sharing and searching with a quick click

With his inspiration stored in a PDF, Bobby can send files to his team through email or text — all it takes is a quick click. Using Adobe Acrobat, Bobby and his crew can annotate, highlight, and add comments, keeping things moving no matter where he is.

And if the PDF contains text, the Adobe Scan app makes it totally searchable. Scan an article on the Fab Five and a quick search for “Bobby Berk” pops that article to the top of your search, with the original scanned PDF front and center.

“I want to capture inspiration for future design wherever I can find it, and Adobe lets me do that,” Bobby says.

Happy customers, happy Bobby

Whether he’s on the road, filming the latest Queer Eye installment, or hunkered down in his studio, Bobby demands a consistent, cohesive, and high-value customer experience every time — and he isn’t going to compromise. Again, that’s where Document Cloud comes in.

“I’ve been traveling a lot for Queer Eye, but I’ve also been developing and growing, all while keeping a laser focus on my work with clients,” Bobby says. “Being able to review design plans, concepts, and web pages, then give feedback to my team who can respond back in real time has been an amazing time saver. And everything is available on mobile, so I don’t have to be at my computer.”

Bobby’s clients and his team don’t have to be at their desks either. With the power of PDF and Acrobat, he can easily share presentations and mood boards with his clients who can view them on any device. Together, Document Cloud also gives him the ability to manage and track documents in real-time.

And don’t forget about contracts. No need to worry about receiving a paper contract on the road, signing it, and figuring out how to send it back. Adobe Sign, available both inside Acrobat or as a standalone e-signature solution, smooths the friction and makes it easier than ever to sign, seal, and deliver.

“I can sign, my client can sign, and it’s done. In the end, it’s no different than everyone signing one document in the same room, but it doesn’t require that everyone is in the same room,” Bobby says. When Bobby signs a document, his clients are instantly notified — and vice versa. It’s immediate and it’s totally turnkey — again, it’s just like they were in the same room.

Designing Bobby Berk-style

Bobby and his husband, Dewey, recently made the move from a downtown LA loft to the “quintessential house on the hill with a view,” he says. A new home means new design, and Bobby is putting his talents to good use to create a calm and restful refuge.

“To me, home is really where you feel most comfortable. That means surrounding yourself with the things that you love and that help you feel the most peace,” Bobby says.

This takes organization, though, especially if you’re designing a home office.

“In any home office, you are bound to have lots and lots of items that you need to store like documents, papers, contracts, and tax documents,” Bobby says. “Adobe Scan is perfect. Capture the document with your phone and store it on the cloud, freeing up space in your office for things you need to have physical copies of.”

And, once scanned, you can easily access and share content, creative, and documents, even when you aren’t at home or the office. What’s more, digital documents are 100% protected — no matter what happens to your workspace or your device, you’ll always have your files at the ready. That’s priceless for any business.

Live, love, and design like a boss

No matter what you do for a living, nothing beats coming home at the end of the day. That’s what working like a boss is all about — making your life easier so you can actually live your life.

What does Bobby plan to do with all of his reclaimed time? “Honestly, nothing sounds better than an informal dinner at our home with my husband, Dewey,” he says.

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Be a boss like Bobby Berk and download Adobe Scan and try Adobe Acrobat DC today.