Creator’s Horoscope — Gemini, an Artist with Two-Sides and Duo-Purpose

You’re not afraid to get deep.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 06-11-2019

“Your duality allows you to pursue ideas with both an introspective and outward-facing point of view.”

A New Moon in Gemini Season? How convenient.

As astrologist say, a new moon is a time for reflection and renewal, so if you haven’t already guessed it, your lull period is officially over.

Gemini’s are masterful communicators – your duality allowing you to pursue ideas with both an introspective and outward-facing point of view.

You’re not afraid to dive deep in emotions and intellectual conversations, meaning you’re perfectly suited for communicating expression – It’s without a doubt you’d be an amazing portrait artist.

Your curiosity keeps you up at night, often torn between discovery and pursuit, but you care deeply about the impact your work has on others. As the first of the mutable signs, you have an uncanny ability to make complexity beautiful – given ink or a paintbrush, it’s game over.

Having duo sides work well in your favor (so forget the haters). There are many relevant artists who wear expressionism proud on their sleeve

You walk in the intergalactic light of both Pablo Picasso and Kendrick Lamar – both known for their multi-layered expression, curiosity, and genius.

Modern portrait art often defies the concept of realism, challenging the eye to be open to the less obvious.

Again, being both a communicator and harmless trickster, this is your opportunity to invoke human emotion in your work.

Creativity is the space that allows you to be unapologetic – you were born with two gifts, so use them to your best abilities.

But beware, your ruling planet Mercury is up to its usual shenanigans, moving into retrograde by early July. Be mindful that change is imperative, so don’t fixate on work that’s not going your way.

June 14th is the day for bold moves, take this day to set your intentions for the rest of the year, and use Mercury as a vehicle for motivation and collaboration.

As the moon and sun tango throughout Gemini, look forward to a time of reconnection and harmony among your two parts.

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