Adobe Unleashes Creativity for Creators

Learn more about our new partnership with YouTube Space and join Adobe at VidCon 2019.

YouTube Space brings together the most creative people on YouTube.

Adobe and YouTube Space team up to help creators master the art of video production

The future belongs to those who create. And to us at Adobe, that future looks bright. Creators often choose Adobe’s video tools to help them create YouTube videos. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with YouTube Space to support creators around the world in new ways.

“Creators are eager to uplevel their skills and increase the quality of their video production. This partnership with Adobe offers them another avenue to do this,” said Sarah Ellenbogen, Head of YouTube Space Global Partnerships. “YouTube Spaces bring together the most creative people on YouTube to learn, connect, and create. Spaces and Pop-ups can be found across the globe offering events, coworking, and workshops, as well as the latest production resources to help bring creators and artists ideas to life. We look forward to bringing Adobe’s expertise to our creators globally.”

Through a series of programs and mentorships, Adobe and YouTube Space will help creators build their content creation skills to grow their brands, audiences, and income. With tools like Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects, it’s easier than ever to bring your creative vision to life and share it with your audience.

Adobe and YouTube Space began a pilot partnership earlier this year and will expand programming to additional permanent and Pop-up YouTube Spaces locations, including Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Rio starting in July.

“Our partnership with YouTube Space is a wonderful opportunity for creators to take their skills to the next level with Creative Cloud,” said Kevin Towes, Global Head of Business Development for Adobe Video. “We’re thrilled to empower creativity for next-generation creators by teaching them video editing, motion graphics, design, sound, color grading, mobile production, and more.”

#CreateYourStory at VidCon US 2019

We believe that everyone is creative and should have the opportunity to share their creativity. What better place to do so than at VidCon US? Each year, VidCon is a celebration that showcases the creativity humming within all of us, whether you’re a YouTube creator, student filmmaker, social media pro, or just starting out. We’re returning to VidCon to empower a generation of fearless storytellers to tap into their creativity and use their limitless imagination to create their story.

Visit Adobe on the Community Floor (#1700) to experience a highly visual space that’s designed to feel like the inside of one’s imagination. We’ve partnered with Illustrator Serge Rodas to create five creative alter egos representing different imagination types, and attendees will be able to choose which alter ego resonates most with them — day dreamer, joy jumper, too cool creator, giant goof, and wild child. Individuals or groups can meet and dance with their chosen creative alter ego, take pictures and videos, tap into inner creativity, and share their story with the world.

Additionally, on the Creator floor, Adobe will be showcasing how Creative Cloud video tools such as Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro and After Effects enable everyone to be a creator, whether you’re just getting started or just about to land your next big brand deal. These sessions include:

Meeting the next generation of video creators is always a highlight of our year. So, to all of those who are building a future where imagination and creativity are explored without limits: we can’t wait to meet you.

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