Layout Tools in Adobe Stock Templates

Using styles, pages and more in Adobe Stock templates for InDesign.

Creative layouts from Adobe Stock Artists sirisako, Wavebreak Media, and More Profesh.

by Shea Molloy

posted on 08-02-2019

Adobe Stock offers a diverse collection of InDesign templates that can help you get complicated publication projects started and finished on time. Layout tools such as styles and master pages in InDesign help keep your designs consistent and easy to update across many pages. Read on to see how you can utilize some of the most popular tools and best practices in the app.

Pages for days

A master page is a key InDesign feature that is used by creative professionals to easily alter large projects. This feature allows you to set up design elements that can be applied across multiple pages, so your designs remain consistent without having to manually update each page. Master pages are especially helpful for managing elements like page numbers, margin copy, and titles. You can find the available master page layouts in your template by selecting the Pages panel from the Window menu. Double-click on a master page to make design changes across your layout.

Double-click on a master page to make design changes across your layout. Magazine or Brochure Layout with Orange Accents by Tom Sarraipo.

Strength in styles

Another quick way to update a layout with your design changes is to make use of the character, paragraph, and object styles included within templates.

Character styles are a collection of character formatting attributes that can be applied to text in a single step.

Use character styles to update:

Character styles panel. Minimalist Project Proposal Layout with Pastel Accents by More Profesh.

Paragraph styles include both character and paragraph formatting attributes and can be applied to a paragraph or range of paragraphs.

Use paragraph styles to update:

Paragraph styles panel. Landscape Portfolio Layout with Pink and Blue Accents by sirisako.

Object styles are attributes applied to design elements like frames, graphics, and grids.

Use object styles to update:

Object styles panel. Bold Resume and Cover Letter Layout by Bill Mawhinney.

You can see a list of all the styles included in an Adobe Stock template by going to the Window menu in InDesign and selecting the appropriate Styles panel from the dropdown.

Updating a paragraph style through the application bar. Pop Art Style Newsletter Layout with Pastel Accents by George J.

Once you see the list of styles, you will be able to select any text or object and apply that style simply by clicking it from the list. You can alter and add styles from the dropdowns in the application bar or from the Styles panel by right-clicking.

Updating a paragraph style through the Styles panel. Social Media Posts Layout Set with Geometric Illustrations by Wavebreak Media.

Turning a new page

Adobe Stock templates can help you save steps whether you’re just starting out in InDesign or you’re a creative professional working on a tight deadline. By giving you pre-formatted layout designs, you can customize any template to your needs. Check out this collection for design inspiration built with best practices.

Celebrate in style

Fun fact: InDesign is turning 20 this year! If you’re an Adobe artist who wants to make new templates, now is a great time to explore all the features that have made InDesign an industry standard. With a strong publishing community focused on education and accessibility, picking up InDesign can give you a whole new skill set for personal projects or professional work. Take a look at the templates guidelines and apply with your portfolio if you’re interested in becoming an Adobe Stock contributor.

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