Made Here: When Illustration and Photography Collide

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 08-18-2019

Inspiration can strike anywhere, and we believe that creativity should be able to happen everywhere. To showcase this, we worked with a range of creatives in over 10 countries across Asia Pacific, using a range of Adobe products to show exactly how they can stay creative wherever they are.

What better way to do this then pair up distinctly different creatives across a range of locations and disciplines to collaborate on a project together! Fusing the disparate worlds of photography and illustration was the perfect opportunity to test the boundaries of what can be created across Creative Cloud app and across different locations, and the results were truly spectacular.

James Tran and Alicia Souza

Bangalore-based illustrator Alicia Souza and Australian filmmaker James Tran met for the first time at this year’s Symposium, hitting it off instantly as they explored how they could bring her kooky illustrative characters to life in film! She wrote out a story featuring her autobiographical characters whilst James would shoot the scenes before combining her sketches finalised from Photoshop to After Effects, where he would animate her characters over his film footage to create an interactive moving comic series!

Sha’an d’Anthes and Demas Rusli

Whilst their styles are worlds apart, Sydney storytellers Sha’an and Demas are huge admirers of each other’s’ work and had been meaning to collaborate together for some time. They explored a number of ways that they could create something that fits their own distinct styles whilst complimenting their partner’s and ended up creating two pieces that combined digital illustration, photography and watercolour paintings.

The end result is this stunning reimagination of the Sydney Opera House that combined Sha’an’s watercolour textured background over Demas’ photo of the stunning landmark, whilst adding her quirky sketches over one of Demas’ most popular shots

“This project was so much fun because it was truly collaborative. We were in constant communication through every step, asking questions, and giving each other advice so that we could create work that we were both truly happy with.”

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Check out each of the artists creative process below:

Alicia Souza

James Tran

Sha’an d’Anthes

Demas Rusli

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