Adobe Launches LinkedIn Integrations to Deliver Enhanced Account-Based Experiences for B2B Marketers

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a cornerstone of modern-day B2B marketing, and to be successful, it needs to coexist with and augment existing traditional lead-based strategies. But making the leap into an account-based strategy is easier said than done, with many marketers admitting they feel challenged with how and where to begin, as well as intimidated by the process.

Today, marketing and sales teams can kick-start their ABM initiatives with ABM Essentials from Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. ABM Essentials – the industry’s most complete ABM solution – brings together the power of ABM and Customer Experience Management (CXM) to put people and experiences at the center of B2B marketing strategies to create account-based experiences (ABX). And to help marketers launch more comprehensive ABX strategies even faster, Adobe is announcing two new innovations in Marketo Engage to empower marketers to provide personalized experiences that their buyers demand across touchpoints.

New artificial intelligence capabilities to identify the right accounts

Today, brands can already quickly build and prioritize target account lists using Marketo Engage’s Account Profiling, our predictive analytics capability that builds target account lists in minutes, using big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the existing accounts and contacts in marketing databases. But what about the sales and marketing teams that want to discover net-new target accounts that don’t already exist?

To solve this challenge, Marketo Engage is expanding its Account Profiling capability to go beyond existing accounts and contacts. Early next year, Account Profiling will use AI-powered models to search more than 25 million companies and more than 500 million data points to proactively recommend net-new accounts that are worthy of being considered target accounts. For example, many companies continually rely on their existing database to build target lists based on campaigns, and when they are tasked with adding new accounts to that target list, one of a few things happen. They either guess on which accounts to add, manually research new accounts based on the marketer’s own limited knowledge or avoid adding net new accounts altogether. All of these approaches limit the full capability to deliver personized account-based experiences. With the expanded Account Profiling capability, AI does the work for the marketers and uncovers the new accounts faster and easier.

Expanded LinkedIn integration to target the contacts with the accounts that matter most

In a recent report from Adobe, 50% of people are on social media networks such as LinkedIn, even before they head into the office every morning, making it an ideal channel to discover and target B2B professionals. But even when marketers know the right accounts to pursue, it’s not easy to identify the exact contacts within those accounts, which is why Adobe is expanding its LinkedIn integration, announced earlier this year,. Through the power of Marketo Engage and LinkedIn, marketers can connect to the right contacts via the world’s most popular professional social network.

Marketo Engage’s newest integration with LinkedIn is an extension of its current LinkedIn Matched Audiences capability. Now, marketers can sync a list of accounts from Marketo Engage to LinkedIn, whether the contacts within those accounts are known or unknown, so they can be easily targeted on LinkedIn with paid media. Furthermore, customers can leverage LinkedIn’s extensive audience segmentation to filter for role, interest, job function and more.

This extended LinkedIn capability, now globally available to all ABM Essentials customers, is complementary to existing Marketo Engage LinkedIn integrations, giving marketers the ability to send a list of leads and accounts to LinkedIn from Marketo Engage for personalized ad targeting.

Additionally, to help marketers kick-start their ABM strategy and get started with ABM Essentials, Marketo Engage is offering new ABM-specific services to its customers. An ABM Essentials Launch Pack, ABM Strategic Planning Workshop, and Account Profiling consulting hours are available today for ABM Essentials customers. To learn more about Marketo Engage or ABM services, please contact

Learn more about Marketo Engage ABM Essentials here.