Swinburne University of Technology Invests In Digital Literacy And Student Creativity

Adobe Australia is pleased to announce that Swinburne University of Technology students will soon have full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, the industry-leading suite of creative applications at no cost anywhere, anytime. Along with providing Creative Cloud for all staff and now students, Swinburne will also become the first Australasian Adobe Creative Campus.

An Adobe Creative Campus designation helps an institution differentiate itself by highlighting its commitment to mainstreaming digital literacy initiatives across the curriculum.

In moving to become a Creative Campus, Swinburne joins an exclusive group of approximately 20 universities and colleges across the United States and South Korea, who share a commitment to ensuring their students have the digital literacy skills required in today’s digital world.

The Adobe-Swinburne partnership

A 2019 report released by Swinburne titled, Peak Human Potential – Preparing Australia’s workforce for the digital future reveals that while 15% of working Australians believe the education system has a responsibility to prepare people for the future of work, the overwhelming majority (59%) believe the onus falls on the individual.

As part of the partnership, a Digital Literacies Hub will be created in the university’s library precinct in early 2020 which will help students and faculty gain access to support from student Adobe digital coaches.

Sandra Luxton, associate professor faculty of Business and Law at Swinburne, says the use of the Adobe technologies will enrich students’ academic experience and prepare students with the digital skills and confidence they need to take their place in the future workforce.

Adobe will also support the appointment of a professorial position to lead scholarship, research, and innovation in digital literacies education. This position will complement other specialist centres at Swinburne, including the Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre and the Centre for the New Workforce.

Responding to a changing jobs environment

Digital literacy isn’t something limited to technological occupations — instead it’s something that all Australians will need to weather the workplaces of the future. The Swinburne report revealed 34% of respondents believe digital skills are more important than functional (28%), emotional (24%), and entrepreneurial (14%) skills to the future of work.

What’s clear is that there’s a workforce revolution going on, and, to be prepared for the workplace, students need digital skills. Access to new technology such as Adobe Creative Cloud will help to enable these skills.

The job seekers of the future need a complete package of skills to compete in the new economy, both digital and non-digital, and by teaming up with Adobe, Swinburne has put its students on the front foot for the jobs of the future.

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