Adobe Summit 2020: Your Guide to Personalization Breakouts

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All over the world, we’re seeing brands accelerate their digital transformations in the wake of significant shifts in consumer behaviors, patterns, and workplace dynamics. Many of us are working from home for the first time and relearning common behaviors to stay engaged both professionally and socially. Adobe, too, has embarked on a rapid digital transformation with Adobe Summit 2020. What was set to be an in-person event for 20,000+ digital professionals in Las Vegas has quickly shifted into an exciting digital event poised to reach over one million viewers. As of this morning, you can log on and watch keynote addresses from our CEO Shantanu Narayen and other Adobe leaders on critical Customer Experience Management (CXM) topics along with announcements on our latest innovations and sneaks on what we’re developing next.

Another exciting development amplified by this digital shift is the opportunity to engage in developing your own personalization strategy and Customer Experience Management (CXM) Playbook within Adobe Experience League. The CXM Playbook is a self-serve assessment where you can evaluate your business on the 6 key CXM areas: Digital First Culture, Data and Insights, Scalable Content, Optimize for Personalization, Customer Journey Management, and Commerce. You’ll then receive a report with an evaluation of your maturity, benchmarks related to your industry, and suggested next steps towards maturity in all areas. It’s a framework that lays the groundwork for us to work with you on developing your own customized CXM strategy based on your specific company dynamics and business goals, evaluating your people, process and technology investments.

What’s more, we’ve curated over 100 breakout sessions presented by industry experts, Adobe insiders, thought leaders, and technologists. Following the keynote addresses, you can select breakout sessions from our Personalization Track that feature several of our most innovative personalization programs across industries, along with trends and advancements we’re developing in our product related to privacy and compliance, A.I. & machine-learning automation, and cross-channel decisioning.

In these breakouts, experts will share their personalization playbooks and step-by-step process for how they’ve built successful personalization practices from the ground up. They include:

We are thrilled to be sharing these sessions on building personalization programs across industries to scale and future developments in our space, and a sincere thank you to our community of personalization Adobe Summit presenters, for recording these sessions virtually with us, to share with all of you.

Stay tuned throughout the year for more webinars and sessions featuring a range of topics and customer success showcases!