Create and Collaborate From Anywhere, Anytime Across Multiple Devices

Stay ahead while staying home with Adobe Creative Cloud technology.

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With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its effect on the workforce, staying on top of your business matters more than ever. Teams working remotely need to get creative to maintain communication and keep projects on track. Find out how Adobe Creative Cloud for teams can help.

Work digitally across devices

You don’t have to be glued to your desk to create. Instead, take advantage of Creative Cloud applications that are accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. You can get work done anywhere, anytime. Capture inspiration on your smartphone, start a project on your tablet and finish it later on your laptop. Here are a few Creative Cloud apps that run on multiple devices to provide you with speed, ease and shareability.

Adobe Photoshop** **is now available on the iPad with all the power, performance, and precision of the desktop version, but reimagined for a modern touch and gesture-based interface. It allows you to work in Photoshop on the same cloud document across multiple devices, while still providing you with access to the advanced controls and tools you’re familiar with on the desktop.

Adobe Spark** **helps you effortlessly create social media graphics, web pages, and short videos on either your computer or mobile device. Spark was designed with ease of use in mind — you don’t need to be a designer to quickly create engaging visuals. Create a graphic for one social media platform, and Spark fits it to meet the specifications of others. Choose templates, images, and design features that are included in Spark to create beautiful content in minutes.

Adobe Premiere Rush** **is a simple but powerful video production tool that works across your desktop and mobile devices. Rush includes intuitive editing, simplified color, audio and motion graphics controls, and streamlined publishing to leading social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. It automatically syncs all of your projects and edits to the cloud, which gives you the freedom to work anywhere on any device.

Adobe Fresco** **is our new, powerful mobile drawing and painting application, featuring brushes that mimic natural media like oil paint and watercolors in amazing life-like ways. You can use the same brushes you love in Photoshop and seamlessly pass files between the two applications. Fresco also supports cloud documents and PSD format.

Adobe Aero** **is the new iOS app for phones and tablets for artists and designers that makes it possible to create and share interactive, immersive AR experiences — which is really great when people can’t get out to experience things IRL. Visualize how your latest creation will look hanging on a wall. Or show an installation to clients in the room where it will actually live. Simply import your image files such as.jpg, .png or .psd into Aero and see how it would look in the real world.

If you aren’t familiar with the mobile versions of Creative Cloud apps, here are a few mobile-friendly tutorials to bring you up to speed.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team

Cloud technology has made working remotely easier than ever. Easily share projects, files and tools with your remote team members to collaborate in real time. For example, make copy edits to one asset at the same time your team members are finalizing the design. Multi-device applications and cloud collaboration help you keep the work moving forward even when your entire team is working remotely.

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries** **help your team stay in sync with collections of shared design elements — graphics, images, character styles, brushes, color palettes and more — specific to a project or client. You can share assets across apps and devices, plus, with 100GB of storage per user and integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack and other key business tools, you can boost productivity. For tips on using Creative Cloud Libraries, here’s a playlist of videos.

Creative Cloud files** **allow you to access files from any connected device enabling changes to be automatically synched across all your projects in real time. Manage Creative Cloud files in the Creative Cloud website and upload other project-related files, so all your assets are together in one place.

Cloud documents** **in Adobe Photoshop ensure all your work in PSD files (Photoshop, Fresco, and Aero) is automatically saved to the cloud. Cloud documents enable you to work, share and manage creative documents across devices and apps. So, instead of exporting and importing files, simply connect to the internet, open your PSD from the app home screen, and pick up where you left off.

The need to work remotely doesn’t have to disrupt your teams or slow down your work. Take advantage of our multi-device platforms and communication tools to stay creative, connected, and deliver stand out content and experiences.

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