Announcements from Adobe XD to Enable Remote Work Globally for Designers and their Teams

Banner for the Adobe XD announcement offering unlimited sharing and collaboration on all XD subscription plans.

From the very beginning, we built XD in close partnership with our community and now, more than ever, we want to be there with you. You and your team need ways of working that enable teams to move fast and collaborate remotely during this challenging time.

Our top priority is to support our global community and today, we’re excited to share a few steps we are taking to help you and your team. We are committed to giving you the support and resources you need and are extending unlimited access to all of XD’s sharing and collaboration features on all plans, including our free XD Starter plan. We’re also moving all community outreach efforts to online events to help you stay connected and engaged.

As always, you can reach out and connect with us via our Twitter and Facebook channels and community forums. Our team is actively looking for ways to support and bring our community together.

Collaborate without limits

The sudden shift to remote work means you need to work differently. You need to adapt parts of your process from in-person to virtual. You need easy ways to collaborate and work from a single source of truth to stay productive and aligned. You need to be able to work with other designers, developers, product managers, clients, and others.

That’s why we’re extending unlimited access to all of XD’s sharing and collaboration features to all plans until October 2020, including our free XD Starter plan. After October 2020, these premium features will be unlimited on paid plans and available on a limited basis in the XD Starter plan. You can visit our Compare Plans page for more details about our plans.

With these capabilities, you can create and share links to your designs for review and get feedback from others. You can invite other designers and team members to edit designs together in real time in the same document. You can use cloud documents to share assets and components with your team as a design system. You can generate design specs and collaborate with developers to help them turn your designs into working websites and applications. Bring your team together, stay aligned, and move projects forward – all from one tool. We’ll also make Coediting generally available for production use very soon.

To learn more about using Adobe XD for remote work, we’ve compiled a list of useful guides and video tutorials for working remotely with Adobe XD available here on Let’s XD.

Work the way you need

We also recognize that many of you are now working in completely different environments; not just physically apart from your team, but from different computers with different operating systems or with slower or unreliable network connections. Your ability to stay productive and do your best work requires complete flexibility.

You can use XD’s native applications for both macOS or Windows, working online or offline, depending on your needs. Our commitment to maintaining outstanding performance and quality for our applications and services continues to help keep you and your team moving seamlessly.

Additionally, we’ll continue to support opening and saving local documents on your computer going forward, regardless of which XD plan you’re subscribed to. You can also use cloud documents to take advantage of additional capabilities like Coediting, Linked Assets, document history, and more.

Stay connected with the community

Now more than ever, designers need to stay connected with each other; not just with your own team but with the broader design community. To help, we’re pivoting all of our community efforts to help designers stay connected and sharing virtually:

Our team remains committed to ensuring you have the right resources and tools to be successful. We welcome any questions or feedback. Please visit our Community Forums or reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook.

Stay safe and healthy!