Adobe Video Partners Support Collaboration for Teams Working Remotely

woman working with footage video on laptop and computer

Image source: Adobe Stock / Sutipond Stock.

Adobe’s video partners provide a range of integrated technologies—from workstations, virtual systems, and asset management solutions to collaboration software, streaming solutions, and storage—that work with our Adobe Creative Cloud apps to enhance video production workflows. Adobe’s Video, Audio Partner Finder showcases many of these solutions that help companies maximize efficiency, creativity, and quality.

The situation with Covid-19 has forced the need to adapt to remote working environments. In response, this global community of technology companies is hard at work developing new solutions and providing useful insights for cloud-based or remote workflows. Included here is a list of resources, including best practice guides, blog posts, webinars for on-demand viewing, and special offers, from our partners to help our joint customers maintain business continuity during these unprecedented times.

Cloud-based solutions for remote editing

Virtualization service providers give Adobe enterprise customers easy access to virtual systems, which allow you to securely edit, animate, and collaborate with Adobe’s video tools—all in the cloud.

Virtualization technology partners offer supporting technologies for cloud deployments.

Hardware and software solutions to stay connected

Hardware system manufacturers provide solutions to securely access the power of a workstation from a remote location without compromising quality.

Media asset management (MAM) companies enable collaborative editing and streamlined asset management capabilities, and project management solutions, no matter where your workers are located.

Review and approval software companies have refined their applications for remote workflows and re-defined collaboration for Adobe creative professionals.

Storage solution providers are delivering robust, flexible, workflow solutions to meet the ever-growing demand of creative teams that need to share and organize their media remotely.

Streaming solution companies are providing easy-to-use solutions so creatives can capture, produce, and stream professional quality content from their home studios, or from wherever they are.

Additional resources

Special thanks to Shara Morishige for her contributions to this article.