California Department of Technology Streamlines Procurement with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Digital signature on laptop.

California is known for many things: sunny beaches, towering redwoods, and the glamour of Hollywood. But for many people, California is also synonymous with technology. Silicon Valley is known around the world as a hub of technological innovation and investment. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies are headquartered in California, including 21 of the Fortune 500.

With technology playing such an important role in the state’s identity, organizations across California often aim to demonstrate their commitment to technology. The California Department of Technology (CDT) supports digital services and innovative technology solutions for state, local, and educational organizations throughout California.

CDT establishes, maintains, and oversees the state’s IT strategic plan, policies, standards, procedures and enterprise architecture. The organization also advises the Governor on IT resources and policies, oversees state IT projects, and provides a wide variety of IT infrastructure, network, software, and consulting services to customers.

As part of the department’s Vision 2020, CDT aims to create one digital government securely delivered by a dynamic workforce. This means investing the department’s $371 million budget wisely to maximize agility, performance, and collaboration for its customers through innovative and secure technology.

CDT knows that its internal operations need to reflect its commitment to technology. That’s one of the reasons why the CDT Office of Statewide Technology Procurement implemented Adobe Acrobat Sign, the electronic signature solution within Adobe Document Cloud, to improve internal efficiencies and dramatically streamline its procurement processes.

Acrobat Sign uses encryption to keep transmissions more secure than mail or printouts left on a desk. Audit trails show exactly when documents have been sent, received, opened, and signed, adding another layer of security and traceability to documents. This enhanced security reduces the chances of tampering or mismanagement that can occur with paper contracts.

In addition to security, working with Acrobat Sign is fast and easy. Adobe Acrobat integrates easily with Acrobat Sign to help employees manage, prepare, and send well-organized files with ease. Employees don’t need to worry about printing, scanning, or tracking documents, which lowers the transactional costs for processing contracts.

Recipients also benefit from Acrobat Sign. They can view and act on documents simply by clicking on a link. There’s no need to download large files, scan a wet signature, or drop a paper document into the mail. This ease of use helps improve the routing time for contract approvals, meaning that contracts can get approved within hours instead of days or weeks. For CDT, this faster procurement means that it can get new services and customers online even faster.

As a government organization, CDT also needs to lead the state in closely complying with California laws, policies, and regulations related to technology and security. Acrobat Sign has certified compliance with many major information security standards, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

“Security and compliance are major concerns for many organizations today, whether they’re private or public,” says Tim Roderigues, of Adobe. “With Adobe Acrobat Sign CDT gains a new technology that meets all security standards and regulations while still providing great improvements to speed and accessibility.”

With the support of CDT, organizations across California are transforming operations and keeping up with the new needs of the changing digital age. And Acrobat Sign is helping CDT to achieve those goals.