99U Conference 2020, Virtual Edition: Here’s What You Need to Know and How to Attend

Here’s what to expect at the first-ever virtual edition of the 99U Conference, taking place June 17 on Behance.

Promo banner for Adobe's virtual, 99U Conference 2020.

Over the past 11 years, the annual Adobe 99U Conference has been offering creatives a space to learn, connect, and renew. In March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to make the 12th annual edition of the conference a completely virtual event and make it free for the global creative community on Behance. This year’s conference theme, The Creative Self, feels even more important to explore at this moment; we must come together as we each rethink how to nurture our talents, work, and health in an unprecedented climate.

“During these times of great uncertainty and anxiety, [we] need to keep the creative spark alive and analyze whether what we are doing is meaningful and purposeful. I really commend 99U for making the conference available to everyone,” said speaker John S. Couch, VP of product design at Hulu.

“We invest in physical health and mental health but we don’t really invest in our creative health. [My] talk will address how we can look at ourselves macroscopically and commit to doing one thing daily that really feeds your creative soul. Something that’s especially important now in these challenging times, personally and professionally.”

How to attend 99U this year

99U is always a well attended event, and this year the motto is the more, the merrier. Tens of thousands of creatives have already registered to attend online, and we’re thrilled to now be able to share more details on how to attend and what to expect for the June 17 event.

“This opportunity, with a community as strong as 99U’s, feels like an ideal platform to keep learning, push boundaries, get more creative, and see if we really can generate as much impact from our homes as we do from the stage,” said 99U speaker Alain Sylvain, founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs.

“This is something that differentiates 99U from a lot of other conferences right now – that all talks have been made free to everyone around the world. It’s changing the way I prepare; not only because it’s global and free, but because it feels like a rallying moment for creatives everywhere to come together and figure out why we’re here and what we stand for.”

We can’t wait to welcome you and the global creative community to 99U on June 17: Free registration is open now.