Adobe Builds a Deeper Integration with Slack to Boost Team Collaboration

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Now, more than ever, we know efficient collaboration and communication are key to making sure teams can work together effectively. With millions of active users, Slack is the tool many of us are relying on to do this. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made big improvements to how Adobe Creative Cloud and Slack work together.

We’ve added support for Creative Cloud apps like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat along with commonly requested features that help you and your teams stay up to date. Now, you can get notifications on file activity like new comments, updates to links to creative files, and more – All in one place, in your team channels.

As the world continues to adjust to colleagues working from home, collaborating with your team has become much more difficult. Not being able to huddle for that impromptu meeting to level set, or sort through a sensitive issue face to face, makes it even harder for design teams that rely on close teamwork to maintain brand consistency and bring that final deliverable to life. It’s also critical to communicate designs to stakeholders and other decision makers to get buy-in and approval. With in-person interactions on pause for the moment, Adobe Creative Cloud integrations with essential tools like Slack and Teams are playing an even more important role.

The enhanced Adobe Creative Cloud integration with Slack

The Creative Cloud app for Slack is a popular integration that lets you easily share Creative Cloud assets, get notifications, and stay up to date on your design projects. It helps you collect design feedback and iterate faster. As always, sharing a link to an asset in Creative Cloud will unfurl revealing rich and helpful context. You can share all types of Creative Cloud files like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, and Dimension, Library folders, fonts and colors, and standard formats. Here’s how it works.

Publishing an Adobe XD prototype and sharing an unfurled link in Slack with the Adobe CC integration.

Easily share links to published Creative Cloud files so you can collect feedback and iterate faster.

Support for Slack shared channels to connect external teams in one workspace

Today, teams are often tasked with working with stakeholders and collaborators from outside their organization. Whether you’re an agency that serves clients, a company that uses vendors, or a developer teaming up with a partner to build an integration, the boundaries of what constitutes “the team” have become much broader.

The latest release of the Creative Cloud integration works with Slack shared channels, a feature that lets you connect two independent organizations in the same virtual workspace. This means a team from Company A can communicate in the same Slack channel as Company B. Bringing external parties into a shared channel can make projects move much more quickly than phone calls and emails. Shared channels can be instrumental in helping teams stay connected and in sync.

Activity Stream and notifications to keep teams in the know

Keeping track of comments and consolidating feedback from multiple sources can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to get notifications and view past history of actions taken on your designs? Now there is. Activity Stream lets you pair published public links to your Adobe assets with a shared channel. Once set up, members of the shared channel will receive a rich set of notifications like new comments and updates to designs and more.

Adobe CC's Slack integration subscribe command is used to push document activity to a shared Slack channel.

New bot commands

As you can see, owners of Adobe files can use the /adobe-subscribe command to pair published links to shared channels. They can also select the type notifications that will show up there using the /adobe-manage command.

Two way commenting to let you respond to comments directly from Slack

When someone mentions your name or comments directly on a shared file in Creative Cloud or Document Cloud, you can now respond to the comment directly from Slack via a thread with two-way commenting. Use threads when someone asks a question you know the exact answer to, without the need to open up the link.

Once you install the app, you can start a thread to respond to comments in the bot. Just note that this feature is not available in channels where a link has been subscribed.

Two-way commenting in Slack and Adobe with the Creative Cloud for Slack integration.

New ways to manage permissions to private XD files

There are times when you want to keep your designs private to keep it secure. Adobe XD supports this, but when you share private links to XD design on shared channels, you can’t be sure that everyone has access. The Adobe Creative Cloud bot now helps make your life easier with a quick way to grant permission to the entire channel. The bot also helps you manage permissions on the fly as it notifies you when users request access and you can fulfill these requests in a single click.

Permissions and access controls with the Adobe CC Integration for SlackHQ.

With Slack and Adobe Creative Cloud working together to enable easy collaboration, creative teams can stay focused on producing beautiful, functional designs. This also makes it a lot easier to hand off work to other partners, stakeholders, and teams across your company, keeping processes running smoothly with fewer interruptions and hiccups. Download and install the free integration from the Slack app directory today to try it out. If you’re already a user of the Creative Cloud app for Slack, just log out and log back in and you’ll be able to use all these new features.

Our integration with Slack and other essential tools help you collaborate and stay connected with your team during these challenging times. Learn more in our recent post about Creative Cloud integrations that help you stay more productive when working from home.