Adobe Animate June 2020 — Available Now!

Auto-Keyframing, Asset Reuse, Social Sharing and more…

Design occuring on Adobe Animate.

We are very excited to announce the availability of the June release of Adobe Animate. This release is geared toward simplifying the animation creation process, reusable assets, easy sharing, and, of course, a significant performance boost. Let’s take a look at a few of the critical features.

Auto-Keyframing/Auto-Blank Keyframing

Continuing on our effort to simplify the animation creation process, we are introducing the much-requested feature “auto-keyframing.” Auto-keyframing will allow you to orchestrate your animations on the stage without having to first create keyframes manually. Any transforms, filters, or color effects on a given frame will automatically create a keyframe if this option is enabled.

You can also use the feature in combination with blank keyframing to automatically create blank keyframes as you move the playhead and make any modifications on the stage. Of course, when the auto-keyframing is disabled, you can continue using the tool as you do today (e.g., create keyframes/blank keyframes manually).

Export Symbols as assets

Animate Symbols have been an integral part of the animation creation process for a very long time. They provide the flexibility of isolating animations, instantiating them, adding effects, and much more. Now we are providing the ability to export and import symbols as reusable animation packages. You can export your animations from the library panel as an ‘.ana’ file.

We also support images as Assets. There are a few more asset types that are being worked on and will be available shortly.

Assets Panel

This panel will have pre-created animation assets that you can use to assemble animations quickly. You can also add additional assets by exporting your own symbols as assets. You will be able to export your assets as an “ana” file and import them from an “ana” file into the Assets panel.

Reusing an animation asset is as simple as dragging and dropping it from the Asset panel on the stage!

Quick Social Sharing

Plenty of animators have been asking us for the ability to share animated assets on social media directly from within Animate. This is now possible with our new Quick Social Sharing feature. We are starting with Twitter.

Other channels will be enabled shortly.

Hands-on Tutorial Authoring tool

We launched a couple of hands-on tutorials with our MAX 2019 release. They have been much appreciated by our new users. We also heard from users ranging from professionals inducting new joinees to teachers teaching animation, animators sharing their workflows, and so on. All of them have asked for the ability to create their own tutorials. We are pleased to announce the availability of a “Hands-on Tutorial Creator” with this release.

Smart Optimizations for HTML5 Canvas Publishing

We’ve given you the flexibility to export your animations as vectors or as texture assets. The ability to convert vectors as texture assets significantly improves the runtime performance of your animated compositions. On the flip side, the publish times increase significantly. We’ve made significant improvements in our algorithms to analyze the shape complexity and then intelligently convert only complex vectors to textures. This will result in significant publish time performance improvements without compromising on the runtime experience. In addition, we’ve optimized the sprite- sheet creation and png compression to further improve the publish time.

Performance & Stability

Performance and stability are at the core of everything we do. We keep investing in improving the product, making it more performant and stable. This release is packed with significant performance improvements and bug fixes. Some of these optimizations have improved on-stage playback, workspace switching, and updates on the Preview mode. There’s always more to do, and we are on it.

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