Creative Cloud Desktop App: Manage Fonts, Plus Access Cloud Documents in One Place

The new font manager in the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

The Creative Cloud desktop is a one-stop shop to access all your favorite Creative Cloud apps, complementary services, creative assets, and more. We’re excited to announce new functionality is coming soon to give you even more levels of power and control over your creative workflow than before. Rollout of these new additions has started, and all users should be able to see them take effect by July.

Manage your Adobe Fonts right from one central desktop app

To start with, you’ll now be able to manage your Adobe Fonts directly from the desktop app. You can easily view your active fonts, deactivate fonts you no longer need, or reactivate fonts you’ve changed your mind about. This works similarly to the Adobe Fonts website, allowing you to easily toggle fonts on or off, and then implementing your choices next time you sign into your desktop apps. Managing your fonts has never been easier, right from Creative Cloud desktop.

Search all your Creative Cloud cloud documents in one place

In addition to fonts, cloud documents will now also be accessible directly in the Creative Cloud desktop app. Simply go to “Your work” > “Cloud documents” to see every cloud document you’ve ever created in Creative Cloud. Photoshop, Photoshop for iPad, Adobe XD, Fresco, Aero, and Illustrator cloud documents will all be available in one convenient, easy-to-access space. All of the document management features you would expect are there: You can access a link to share your cloud document, rename it, move, copy, delete, or download it.

Accessing Cloud Documents from the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

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The redesigned Creative Cloud desktop app already provides a more intuitive way to access, update, and discover new apps; rich integration with Creative Cloud Libraries, allowing you to collect, manage, and share assets; and easy access to help content, along with comprehensive search features. And now, with the ability to manage your Adobe Fonts and easily find any cloud document from supported Creative Cloud applications, the Creative Cloud desktop app makes it easier than ever to get to the assets and content you need, when you need them.

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