InDesign Introduces a New Way to Share and Review

Experience seamless stakeholder collaboration.

Image source: Shanti Sparrow.

The creative process is empowering and inspiring. The creative review cycle, unfortunately, is not. Circulating your work to collaborators and clients for review and feedback typically requires multiple apps, numerous steps, and overall, a clunky approach that sucks time and energy. Collaboration is, without question, a design process pain point.

Our new Share for Review feature marks the launch of a suite of collaboration tools built to ease the pain by enabling you to seamlessly manage the review process so you can get to done — faster. We will enhance and expand this suite of tools in October and beyond, but we’re really excited about the initial functionality you’ll find in the June 2020 release.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits you’ll experience with Share for Review.

Simplify your workflow, and get it all done in one app

You can now manage the entire review process without ever leaving Adobe InDesign. Initiate the review process by clicking the “Share for Review” button: no need to export your file to a pdf and attach it to an email.

Then once your team has added their feedback, it flows back into the app, through the new review panel. This lets you review, reply to, and resolve feedback, all within InDesign. It’s a new way of working, designed to help you stay focused on creating — and save you steps and time.

Control the review process with multiple sharing options

You control who can review your file by choosing one of three sharing options: a public link, a password-protected link, or a link for specific users with Adobe IDs. This gives you more control over the security and privacy of the sharing process.

Empower multiple stakeholders with a simple web experience

Once your stakeholders open a file link, they can review and provide feedback online: no software downloads needed. We’ve also made the feedback process easier with simple pin and drawing tools that help keep comments precise, clear, and organized.

Plus, comments sync in real time, so stakeholders can see new feedback as it comes in, which avoids feedback duplication and confusion. It keeps everyone involved on the same page.

Download the June 2020 release today and experience a seamless new way to collaborate. Then, follow us on Facebook to pick up tips and tricks for remote collaboration so you can get the most out of Share for Review.

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