Wipro Accelerates the Paperless Enterprise with Adobe Sign

A smart phone displaying a contract, featuring a prompt for an e-signature

Every company has two main goals as we navigate the pandemic: Keeping their employees safe while they work remotely and maintaining business continuity. When it comes to keeping operations going, it’s clear that paper-based processes like signing documents physically have become stagnant. Digital processes not only help businesses keep going during these times, they also improve user experiences and lead to faster decisions.

To meet the needs of organizations adapting to this new normal, Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, and Adobe have developed a Paperless Enterprise Solution using Adobe Sign and AEM Forms. The Paperless Enterprise Solution is powered by Wipro’s proprietary iCaaS & Cognitive Content Automation solutions, Adobe’s AEM Forms & Adobe Sign technologies. This end to end feature helps paper-based processes transform into an automated, uninterrupted, digital workflow that’s legally binding and globally secure.

The process starts with document creation and integration with enterprise applications like Salesforce & Workday for real-time tracking and storage in the cloud.

If we take an example with financial companies, they are managing a recent influx of new loans and deferred payment requests right now. With the Paperless Enterprise Solution, it’s easier than ever for customers to securely fill out and sign application forms from their mobile device, anywhere they are. No more driving to an insurance agency, bank, or government agency, especially today. Meanwhile, loan officers can easily track the progress of each application, approve applications with a single click, and store applications in a cloud-based management portal. A paper signature process that used to take days, now can take minutes with e-signatures facilitated by Adobe Sign and Wipro’s Paperless Enterprise Solution.

“By combining our diverse experience with Adobe’s, we’re helping companies across industries better manage their document processes and customer data integrations. This end-to-end solution is critical in a socially distanced world, where ensuring customer and employee safety is just as important as document visibility and workflows. Together, Wipro and Adobe are empowering businesses to implement smart, secure and compliant document management.”

Chandra Surbhat, Vice President & Global Head, Digital Experience, Wipro Limited

For years, Wipro has been a premier partner with Adobe and has provided digital consulting, platform implementation, managed hosting, marketing operations, and DevOps to support Adobe solutions.

Visit here to learn more about how Wipro’s Paperless Enterprise Solution and Adobe Sign can help you stay highly productive and connected with your customers and colleagues.

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