July 2020 Release of Adobe XD: Social Media Artboards, Folders for Cloud Documents, and More

Social Presets.

For the latest updates, see the October 2020 release of Adobe XD. Following a major release last month, which introduced Stacks, Scroll Groups, Design Tokens, and more, our team continues to deliver new capabilities to help you design amazing experiences with Adobe XD. This month, we’re introducing new preset artboard sizes for social media platforms, a new way to organize your cloud documents, and a new way to learn the ins and outs of XD. We’re also showcasing one of our favorite new plugins: Quick Mockup.

To get the new features, update to the latest version of XD. If you’re just getting started, you can download Adobe XD here.

Design social media graphics with Adobe XD

Designers use Adobe XD to create experiences for both product and marketing design use cases. From delivering personalized experiences across platforms to improving the player experience in games to increasing customer satisfaction, our community uses XD to solve many different types of problems.

With today’s release, you can select artboard sizes for popular social media platforms. When you open XD, you can select preset artboard sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on the XD home screen. You’ll also see the different preset options in the right-hand panel whenever you create a new artboard on your canvas.

Now you won’t have to search around for the latest size requirements for each of these platforms – just click on a preset and start designing!

Organize your cloud documents into folders

Cloud documents in Adobe XD let you access your design files whenever you want to work. Cloud documents automatically save as you go and you can easily access previous versions of your work, as well. And with Coediting, you can invite other people to edit your cloud documents with you, even working together in real time.

Now, you can organize your XD cloud documents into folders. When viewing your cloud documents, you’ll now see a new folder icon in the upper-right corner; click the icon to create a new folder and give your new folder a name. You can move cloud documents into your folders to help organize a specific project or client, for example.

You can access and manage cloud documents from the XD home screen or from the Creative Cloud app.

New ways to learn Adobe XD

Adobe XD is fast, powerful, and gives you everything you need to design incredible user experiences. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned expert, there are always new ways you can use XD in your design workflow.

Today, we’re excited to introduce new learning resources directly within XD. From the XD Homescreen, you’ll see a new “Learn” tab where you can find dozens of videos and blog articles to help you learn and master XD. You’ll find resources for everything from creating your first design to prototyping with voice triggers to using Creative Cloud Libraries to share assets across different Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

We’ll continue to add new videos and articles to the Learn tab to help you learn about new features and workflows as they come to XD. If there are topics you want to learn more about, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook to share your ideas for new resources.

The Quick Mockup plugin for Adobe XD helps you turn ideas into designs faster. Quickly create layouts using pre-designed UI elements like buttons, cards, dropdown menus, and toggles or start with a pre-designed template for common web and mobile layouts. You can customize Elements with different styles, states, and sizes or edit them directly in XD.

Once you’ve designed a layout, you can switch between different themes to see how your designs might look with different stylings and photos. By default, Quick Mockup uses a minimal wireframe, but you can easily switch to something more polished and customize to your needs. Learn more about using Templates & Themes in Quick Mockup.

Quick Mockup is a free plugin built by the same Adobe Design team that built the Whiteboard plugin released earlier this year. You can learn more and install Quick Mockup in the XD Plugin Manager.

For the latest updates, see the August 2020 release of Adobe XD.

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