Create a composite with Photoshop on the iPad and Adobe Stock images

Person with red umbrella walking in snow towards sunny doorway

Image source: Adobe Stock / Michael Shake / mattbkk / ZaZa studio / Marcel

Learn to use one of your favorite Adobe Creative Cloud apps in a whole new way with the power of Photoshop on your iPad. Explore a touch-based interface that lets you create photo composites wherever you are.

Step 1. Download assets from Adobe Stock

If you’d like to follow along with this tutorial, download the following preview images from Adobe Stock:

You can also watch this tutorial as part of the Get to know Photoshop on the iPad webinar.

Step 2. Open the images from Creative Cloud

Launch Photoshop on the iPad and tap Import and open on the splash screen. Choose the Files option from the popup menu, navigate to your Creative Cloud files, and choose the “Snowy Winter Walk” preview image.

Step 3. Import another image into your composition

Bring additional assets into your Photoshop file by tapping the image icon in the Tools panel. Import the “Temple door in Myanmar” preview image using the same method you used in Step 2. Then pinch open on the image to scale it up, position the top of the door with the top-center of the canvas, and tap Done in the upper-right area of the screen to commit the changes

Step 4. Duplicate and mask a layer

Tap the bottom layer (“Snowy Winter Walk”) to select it, and then tap the ellipses and choose Duplicate Layer. Tap and hold the duplicated layer and move it to the top of the Layers panel. Then tap and hold the Select tool and choose Select Subject. Tap the Mask option while the subject is selected.

Step 5. Combine images by painting on a layer mask

Apply a layer mask to the “Temple door in Myanmar” layer by tapping the Layer Mask icon. Set the foreground color to black and then tap and hold the Brush tool to select a Soft Round brush. Set the Size to a third of the screen and the Flow to about 20%. Then select the layer mask and paint over the bottom of the door.

Step 6. Add a third image and some color adjustments

Import the “Clouds in the sky” image, position it under the “Temple door in Myanmar” layer, and hide the layer. Then select the door layer and use Quick Select to select the sky. Show “Clouds in the sky” and apply a layer mask.

Learn more about putting the power of Photoshop at your fingertips

Join our webinar to see how Photoshop had been adapted to the iPad and how you can enjoy your favorite Photoshop features in a whole new way. We’ll also take a look at how saving your Photoshop files as cloud documents gives you easy access on any device.

Hands-on workshop

This webinar also includes an optional 15-minute workshop to help you get comfortable with Photoshop on the iPad. Follow along as we create a photo composite using layers, masks, and adjustments — all with our fingertips! Before starting the workshop, be sure to download the Adobe Stock preview images, save them to your Creative Cloud account, and have Photoshop installed on your iPad. (Apple Pencil is optional.)

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