Lokalise for Adobe XD: Create multilingual designs and streamline translation management

Banner for the Adobe XD Lokalise plugin.

In this digital age, teams are no longer designing for an audience in one region, but rather in many. In order to effectively communicate about your brand, your design process must also account for multiple translations. Localization has become an important part of creating inclusive digital experiences; having an established process for managing translations of your experiences can help your team deliver multilingual designs with ease.

Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide including HP, Yelp, and Johnson & Johnson, Lokalise is one of the fastest-growing pieces of modern translation management software, built to automate workflows and streamline any software localization process. Their new XD plugin enables developers, designers, and translators to work seamlessly together and to deliver digital products in multiple languages, faster and more efficiently. Using Lokalise to manage multilingual digital content leads to a faster launch, fewer errors, and increased efficiency, and helps designers work with localized copy earlier in the design process.

Get started with Lokalise to manage translations across all of your digital assets

The Lokalise plugin for Adobe XD helps designers streamline their translation tasks and manage multilingual digital designs.

Here’s how to get started translating your designs with Lokalise.

Step 1: Push text elements from your XD designs to Lokalise

First, sign up for Lokalise, then download the Lokalise XD plugin. After installing the XD plugin and logging into your Lokalise account, you can begin pushing text elements from your XD designs to the Lokalise platform. All text elements will be pushed together with screenshots, providing your translators with enough context to make a high-quality translation in a target language.

Pushing text elements in an Adobe XD artboard to Lokalise using the Lokalise plugin.

Step 2: Translate content in Lokalise from scratch or update existing translations

Your team can now start translating the text content from your XD designs in Lokalise, using language resources such as Glossary and Translation Memory. These tools can help ensure that your translations are consistent across different projects. To save time, translators can also pre-translate text using saved entries from previous translation projects.

Managing English to French text element translations for an Adobe XD project in Lokalise.

Step 3: Pull translated content back into Adobe XD and preview your design in various languages

Once the translations are finished, you can easily pull the translated content back into Adobe XD and preview the design in various languages. That way, you can spot design errors early on, such as tight spacing for phrases in different languages. You can make the necessary adjustments for the specific languages directly in Adobe XD, or decide to push selected text elements back to Lokalise for additional translation.

Pulling text elements from Lokalise to switch the language in an Adobe XD artboard using the Lokalise plugin.

The Lokalise plugin for Adobe XD unites two powerful tools together to simplify the process of design localization by exchanging design content, translations, and screenshots. Start using the Lokalise plugin for Adobe XD today by downloading it from the XD Plugin Manager.