Adobe + BuzzFeed: Lifting Up The Next Generation of Creators

Buzzfeed and Adobe logos

Today is the day. Adobe’s “Make The Feed” ambassadors are set to unveil their takeover of the iconic BuzzFeed homepage. This dynamic group of Gen Z ambassadors - including animators, mixed media artists, comedians and journalists - will showcase their unique perspectives and personal stories using the creative skills that they honed all summer long.

In partnership with BuzzFeed, “Gen Z’s most trusted news source,” we created a first-of-its-kind ambassador program culminating in a takeover of BuzzFeed’s iconic landing page at the height of Back to School season, featuring the content developed by these young creators.

‘Make The Feed’ is both a creative ambassadorship and a challenge issued to the next generation - to learn from industry experts, advance their creative skills (using Adobe tools), and channel their creative expression into the unrivaled and engaging content – the kind that keeps us returning to BuzzFeed an average of six times per day.

At Adobe, we’ve made it our mission to inspire, enable and amplify the diversity of voices from this generation, which we call “Generation Create.” This generation is already rocking the world with their activism around a range of issues, including equality and climate change. They are calling for transformative and urgent change, and as digital natives, are connecting, inspiring and empowering each other (and all of us) through social media to drive powerful social activism. Gen Create enables their creativity and gives them a powerful platform to amplify their voices, including personal essays and videos about causes important to them.

“Generation Create sees injustice and inequality and doesn’t just imagine a world that could be – they create the change themselves. Whether starting with a blank page, an empty canvas or a static screen, they fill each with the words, images and purpose that inspires others in Gen Create as well as every generation,” said Monte Lutz, Global Vice President and Head of Marketing, Digital Media at Adobe. “We’re thrilled to see how these ‘Make the Feed’ Ambassadors, who embody Gen Create, will inspire the change they are championing through their take-over of the Buzzfeed homepage.”

This program is a part of Adobe’s commitment to Generation Create - a digital community for young creators. Gen Create is designed to give this newest generation the tools they need to connect, collaborate and create as they reimagine their communities, and will help them develop their personal and professional identity. Passionate and mobilizing quickly, these inspiring individuals are working hard to bring their ideas to life for a better tomorrow and “Make The Feed” is one of many programs designed to empower young voices to be catalysts for change; empowering the next generation to create great work that speaks to their passions.

“This ambassadorship taught me how to manage, deal with, and endure whatever obstacle may come my way creatively and how to persevere, no matter what,” said BuzzFeed Ambassador Neil Banik. “The lessons I learned from this ambassadorship, taught me better time management, and pushed me out of my comfort zone of just dance or filmmaking and gave me the nudge that I needed to get back to creating content amongst all of the chaos prevalent in the world today.”

Check out the BuzzFeed homepage to hear what this powerful generation of creators has to say.