LightBox Expo drawing contest: A chance to win an iPad Pro + Creative Cloud

3 LightBox examples: swimmer, walking in woods, walking in city

By Renée di Cherri

Posted on 09-01-2020

Every year, designers and artists from around the world descend on Pasadena, Calif., for a truly illuminating event. LightBox Expo is a testament to what happens when a designer who’s passionate about his craft makes space for others to develop their own skills and creativity, without barriers. Started by legendary artist Bobby Chiu, LightBox Expo seeks to include artists in animation, illustration, live action, and gaming of all levels and from all walks of life, as long as they are creative and passionate. This year LightBox Expo is taking on a different form as a virtual conference, streaming educational sessions and presenting a virtual show floor. (If you’re attending, be sure to “drop by” our Adobe booth – more details on that a little further down in this post.)

To celebrate the magic of LightBox Expo and come together even though we can’t see each other in person, we’re launching an exciting art contest via our social media channels. The winner of the contest will receive an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

So what does the content entail? In the spirit of LightBox – and feeling like we could all use as many rays of positivity as we can get right now – we’re asking you to share a piece of art that reflects our chosen theme: Light.

How to enter: Bring a sense of lightness to the world through your art

To participate in our LightBox Expo contest, we’re asking you to share one piece of art that brings a sense of lightness to the world. (We suggest using Adobe Fresco, if you can, available free for everyone.) Post your art on Instagram or Twitter with hashtags #AdobeDrawing_Light and #Contest to be entered to win. You can submit your entry any time during September, ending Sept. 30. Review terms and conditions here.

We’ll review the entries and pick one winner who we feel best uses their creativity and skills to present a unique take on “Light.” Judging will take place in early October, and we’ll announce the winner on Oct. 15.

At a time when many of us across the world are facing new and difficult challenges, we hope this contest is a chance to uplift each other and bring more joy into the world. When considering the art you’ll share, think about how you can convey your own sense of lightness. We know things can feel a bit heavy right now; light doesn’t have to be something surface level or frivolous. Light can be powerful, helping to chase away the darkness and give yourself, and others, the fuel to carry on.

Participate in LightBox Expo from home

Adobe will be joining many artists and other companies at LightBox Expo’s 2020 virtual edition with several online learning sessions and a virtual booth experience. Attendees will get to walk down a “virtual alley” and stop in at various booths along the way. (Come see us and get a free virtual goodie bag while you’re at it.)

I’m thrilled we can be part of a virtual experience that will provide the chance to connect, even at a distance, to network and learn from one another. For those of us more senior in the industry, this is also an opportunity to get to know the next generation of talented creators and offer a helping hand.

All of this seems core to the message behind LightBox Expo’s founding: to provide opportunity and a democratized experience for all kinds of creators to access resources – even when times are particularly challenging.

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