Find creativity and design in business at Adobe MAX

Creativity Matters as a background on the MAX stage

Creating fresh and thoughtful design, while building a strong business is no small task. That’s why we’ve created the Creativity and Design in Business track at this year’s MAX to help leaders across various design disciplines build a meaningful career and learn industry best practices from the best in the business.

This track will help you learn new skills and ideas for collaboration, while industry leaders share their expertise in design innovation and brand reinvention. Learn how to remove friction from the creative process and increase remote work productivity, while sparking your inspiration for digital workflow transformation that drives business and team success.

You’ll gain first-hand insight into how leaders from top brands and agencies are driving business success while advancing the cause of design through innovation, unrivaled creative campaigns, and unique strategies and techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll leave this track feeling inspired. We’ve gathered the six sessions you won’t want to miss below:

Design for Belonging - Beauty of Promise and Power of Delivery: Tim Allen, VP of Design, Airbnb

Customer expectations have skyrocketed across almost every business category as a result of choice, innovation, and technology. Products and services not only have to be pragmatically useful, but they also need to be culturally relevant, delightful, and inclusive as well. In today’s landscape, where brand is experience, a seamless relationship between narrative and implementation must be established. So, what does it take to unite promise and delivery - to harness the marriage of belief and behavior? Who are the people and methods that can help nurture the magic from the start? What happens when you fail to do so? And more importantly, what happens when you succeed?

Join our luminary speaker Tim Allen, VP of Design for Airbnb, to learn how design is being used to deliver on Airbnb’s promise to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere.

Be sure to check back in the next couple of weeks to add this session to your schedule!

The Business of Design: Reinventing an Icon – Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover

Reinventing an icon is no easy task. Join Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer for Land Rover, as he takes us on their journey of experience design reinvention for the Defender. Discover how the design team tackled the challenge of creating a highly desirable and seriously capable driving experience for the modern age.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How Ben & Jerry’s Uses Virtual Photography to Create Perfect Pints: Gail Cummings, Global Digital Design Lead, Ben & Jerry’s

Virtual photography is fast emerging as a viable solution for visual asset creation. Who better to go boldly into this new design frontier than iconic brand Ben & Jerry’s? Hear firsthand from Gail Cummings, Global Digital Design Lead, about adopting new ways of creating and doing what she does best — producing irresistible content at scale to feed marketing channels for over 100 flavors in 38 countries.

In this session, Gail will share:

How Diverse Teams Elevate Creativity – Tasha Lutfi, Design Director, Microsoft

Recent events have sparked conversations about racial injustice and systemic racism. Black designers make up 3% of the design workforce in the United States and this lack of diversity compounds the challenge of creating experiences that truly reflect our distinctly unique customer base. Join Tasha Lutfi, Design Director at Microsoft, as she discusses why this is the time to address issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion within the workplace. Learn how you can lean into difficult topics often ignored — and work together to spark change. The remedy can be simple if you treat team culture as a product.

You’ll hear:

How Twitch’s New Brand System Seeks to Amplify Creativity Around the World – Brian Collins, CEO/Chief Creative Officer, COLLINS and Byron Phillipson, Global Executive Creative Director, Twitch

After building the world’s most popular live-streaming platform, Twitch not only wanted to support and advance their gamer community but also to invite other expressions of creativity. How do you keep growing the audience that made you successful while expanding to include more voices to be part of your platform? Twitch’s answer: A new brand operating system.

Strategically focused, Twitch’s brand design evolves, scales, and supports opportunities for growth by bolstering creativity, not reducing it. Join Byron Phillipson, Global Executive Creative Director at Twitch, and Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer of COLLINS, as they discuss how a new brand system is helping Twitch flourish.

In this game-changing session, you’ll discover:

Days to Hours, Hours to Minutes, Minutes to Seconds: Streamline Your Creative Process – David Leopold, Sr Director, Creative Experience Technologies, Viacom

Creatives today are expected to produce more content in less time than ever before. Tight deadlines, monstrous workloads, and limited resources force content creators to focus on simply completing assignments on time — instead of approaching each project as an opportunity to display their full creativity. Join David Leopold, Senior Director of Creative Experience Technologies at ViacomCBS, as he shares his approach to removing friction from design and production workflows for top ViacomCBS brands, including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

These are only six of the many sessions, labs, and workshops available through the Creativity & Design in Business track – make sure to register and start planning your schedule. MAX is fast-approaching and we can’t wait for you to join us, so if you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance!