Introducing the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program

The media industry is constantly adapting to new consumer demands. People want more video than ever, from high-definition broadcasts to streaming media services as well as video used across social media, websites, and mobile ads. In response, media companies, creative agencies, and production houses all want to find better, agile ways to respond to these tremendous opportunities.

With Adobe, bringing those ideas to life is easier than ever thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud apps powerful enough to create everything from Hollywood blockbusters to short animated clips and everything in between. But in today’s media environment success depends on more than just having access to excellent apps. Creative companies also require ongoing services and support. They want to get out of the business of managing their own IT environments and focus more resources on creating compelling videos for any audience. What they need is the help of expert systems integrators.

Adobe is committed to ensuring all of our customers get the support they need to produce high-quality content as efficiently as possible. That’s where our service partners come in.

Expanding partnerships for systems integrators

We are happy to introduce the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program. This program helps systems integrators gain the high-level knowledge and confidence needed to deliver expert levels of service in three areas: support, workflow and system design, and software integrations. Systems integrators who meet proficiency requirements in all three areas become Adobe Certified Service Partners for Video and Audio.

The Adobe certification program supports systems integrators in several important ways. Through training, engineers become proficient in each of the three areas of service, giving systems integrators a clear path to gaining skills that will enable them to compete in the industry and better serve their clients.

Once systems integrators pass all requirements, they receive official certification. Systems integrators are encouraged to use this certification as a unique selling point with their customers to offer professional services to Adobe clients.

Finally, Adobe will also promote its partners to wider audiences through content marketing, creating new business opportunities. Adobe Certified Service Partners will be invited to contribute to technical blog posts, providing the chance to show off knowledge and thought leadership to wider audiences.

Becoming an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio will open the doors and provide systems integrators with new ways to help customers succeed.

Success from certified partners

Adobe worked closely with two longtime Adobe partners to design the certification experience: MoovIT in Germany and Support Partners in the United Kingdom and United States. Their customers have already seen the benefits of working with an Adobe Certified Service Partner for their video and audio projects.

Swiss broadcaster Telebasel uses Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for its news editing workflow. MoovIT and its Helmut4 workflow management tool play a major role in helping Telebasel get the most from its Adobe environment. “Adobe and MoovIT have succeeded in creating an open system based on standard products that can be perfectly adapted to specific requirements,” says Pascal Jacot, head of technology and member of the extended management team at Telebasel. “That is why Telebasel has undertaken a total system transformation and now relies on solutions from SI partners Adobe and MoovIT.”

Daniel New, operations manager for BBC TV & Media Operations, praised Support Partners for its role in helping the company achieve success. “Support Partners has consistently helped us innovate, providing the expertise and after care to guarantee project success without production disruption,” says New. “Support Partners has gone to great lengths to ensure we create progressive workflows and avoid manual workarounds. Knowing that Support Partners is part of the Adobe SI program gives us the confidence that our environment will continue to evolve as we move forward.”

With the launch of the certification program, Adobe is already welcoming two more members: Jigsaw24 in the United Kingdom and Qvest Media in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Jigsaw24: Delivering expert, ongoing customer support

For nearly 30 years, Jigsaw24 has worked with some of the biggest organizations in the U.K. as a reseller and service provider. Rupert Watson, sales director for media and entertainment, saw opportunities to provide more ongoing services to Jigsaw24’s Adobe Creative Cloud customers, but the company wanted to make sure that its systems integration team had the knowledge and experience to provide the high quality of service that customers demand. As an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio, Jigsaw24 teams gained training and confidence to help customers get more from their Adobe Creative Cloud implementations.

“The Adobe certification program gave us the formalized training to understand Adobe Creative Cloud inside and out,” says Watson. “It even helps our sales team, as we know exactly what we can deliver for our customers. We’re helping customers build workflows, design infrastructure, and maintain environments. This creates happier customers, but also helps us maintain ongoing customer relationships in which we’ll work together for years to come.”

Qvest Media: Delivering the systems integration of the future

Qvest Media is a world-leading systems architect, consultant and ICT integrator in the innovation-driven media industry. By joining the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program, Qvest Media gains access to a wealth of knowledge and support that allows it to create even more convincing solutions for customers.

Ulrich Voigt, head of design at Qvest Media, praised the training program for delivering targeted skills, insights, and expertise so the company can effectively integrate Adobe solutions into its agile approach and help customers continuously develop new solutions to cope with changing market demands.

“In the systems integrator business, we rarely work with single solutions,” says Voigt. “Seamless workflows with software applications from different manufacturers are the norm, especially in areas such as post production. As a part of the Adobe SI program, we gain the in-depth knowledge that we need to integrate Adobe solutions effectively into our system designs. We also gain even greater support from Adobe, such as access to the developer team, which allows us to accelerate our work and deliver sophisticated use cases for customers.

“The program will also intensify our cooperation with Adobe in terms of cloudification,” he says. “Using our cloud management platform qibb, which already integrates with Adobe products, we have the tools at hand to deliver the systems integration of the future, today.”

By teaming up with top partners such as Jigsaw24 and Qvest Media, Adobe brings stronger services to more video and broadcast clients worldwide. By becoming an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio, system integrators can be part of the push to help customers succeed in a fast-changing media world.

For additional information on the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program, please contact your Adobe representative.