Ignite inspiration with illustration and digital painting at MAX

Illustrating on tablet

When we talk about painting, we often talk about craft. But transferring your creative vision onto the page (or tablet, or computer) isn’t just a skill — it’s also an art form. Join thousands of other creatives in the Illustration & Digital Painting track at Adobe MAX: The Creative Conference (October 20-22), where you’ll not only learn tips and techniques from experts, but you’ll also get the chance to flex and expand your artistry.

The Illustration & Digital Painting track is open to everyone — from beginners looking to get started in digital drawing, painting, and illustration to seasoned professionals ready to deepen their skills with industry secrets from some of the very best. Whatever your skill or experience level, this track will welcome you with open arms (holding brushes, pencils, or styluses, of course).

As you prepare to stretch those creative muscles, warm up with this sneak peek at five of our favorite sessions. See something you like as you scroll through? Make sure to add it to your schedule using the session catalog.

Adobe Fresco Part 1: Overview, Setup, and Simplifying Objects — Spencer Nugent, Illustrator, Founder

Drawing is fun, but it’s also intimidating if you don’t know where to start — and it can be frustrating once you do. In this hands-on lab using Adobe Fresco on the iPad, learn how to draw freely, expressively, and expertly. Industrial designer Spencer Nugent, who’s been drawing for over two decades, will share what he’s learned along the way that’s made drawing super easy for him.

In part 1 of this three-part lab, you’ll discover:

Digital Collaging with Adobe Fresco and Photoshop on iPad: Part 1 — Kervin Brisseaux, Design Director

Join artist and Vault49 design director Kervin Brisseaux in this follow-along lab as you dive into the world of mobile drawing, painting, and compositing. Using Adobe Fresco and Photoshop on the iPad, you’ll learn how to create exciting and dynamic compositions that blend illustration and photography.

In part 1, you’ll discover how to:

A Joyful Life: Illustrating Your Way to Contentment and Success — Octavia Bromell, Illustrator, Tink Illustration

Creating work that makes your soul sing is the single best thing you can do for your career and your happiness, and yet it’s so rarely prioritized. In this fun, honest, and inspiring session, join illustrator Octavia Bromell as she takes you on a journey to joy through the appreciation of the everyday, discovered through her experiences with anxiety and depression.

You’ll leave with:

Live Demo: Creating a Fantasy Portrait with Photoshop — Karla Ortiz, Illustrator, Concept Artist, The Art of Karla Ortiz

Concept artists working in the entertainment industry bring fantasy worlds to life using Adobe tools. Join award-winning artist Karla Ortiz, a master of reinterpreting the real world into fantasy while keeping it believable, who has worked on popular properties like Magic: The Gathering, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. Discover Karla’s tips and tricks as she paints a fantasy portrait live in Photoshop.

In this session, you’ll learn:

Adobe MAX is coming right up! Start planning your sessions today so that you can make the most out of The Creative Conference. You’ll find these five sessions and dozens more in the course catalog here. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to register for the conference (it’s FREE)!