World Teachers’ Day: 3 ways to connect as a global community

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By Jennifer Williams

Posted on 10-04-2020

World Teachers’ Day, co-convened in partnership by UNESCO, UNICEF, the International Labour Organization, and Education International, is held annually on October 5th to recognize and honor the profession of teaching and to bring focus to the voices of teachers worldwide. This year teachers are celebrated with the theme of “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future.” We wish all our Adobe Creative Educators a happy World Teachers’ Day and offer these three ideas for all teachers to creatively celebrate, create, and connect:

Draw lines of connection

We asked 20 educators from 20 different countries the question: How are teachers in your local area reimagining the future of education? “As a teacher, I know that the landscape is always changing, and therefore we need to make sure our students are ready for an always changing career,” said Matthijs Clasener of The Netherlands.

Be sure to watch the World Teachers’ Day spotlight educator Adobe Spark videos shared each hour on October 5th with the hashtag #AdobeEduCreative. Also, check out our world map showcasing and celebrating the home countries of each of our spotlight educators:

Open the map here.

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Share your message with the world

As the teachers shared messages on their views of reimagining teaching and learning, we heard how they are creatively approaching the future of education. They described innovative practices and collaborative technologies that allow for connection despite students being separated by geography or by language. Kamal Preet @dpskamal, an educator in India, expressed “We celebrate the unique capability of each and every child.”

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas. Check out the remixable Adobe Spark post template to create your own. Share out with the #AdobeEduCreative hashtag and be sure to engage with others as they post their new digital creations.

World Teachers' Day template.

Remix this Adobe Spark template and share your ideas with us:

Connect as a global community

Let’s keep this movement going! The Adobe Creative Educator program aims to empower educators who inspire creativity for the next generation. Teachers from all across the world are invited to join. The program includes free resources, exclusive live events, and opportunities for engagement with a network of K-12 and higher education leaders and experts. The Level 1: Creativity for All and Level 2: Design Your Creative Class (K-12) and Design Your Creative Course (Higher Ed) courses are now open and available for all global educators.

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