Creative, virtual teams do their best work with Wrike and Adobe

Man works at a desk.

Whether you’re a production artist, graphic designer, illustrator, or video editor, you crave collaboration. Unfortunately, there are times when you feel like you’re working siloed from the rest of your marketing team. You receive design requests with strict deadlines, oftentimes missing the details and clarity you need to kick off the project.

With an increasing number of remote teams leveraging video conference calls, Slack, and email to collaborate, this process creates bottlenecks that could impact deadlines. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if your team could enjoy a simplified workflow, better collaboration, and be empowered to get work done more efficiently?

You deserve a workflow that operates as you do: quick and nimble.

Creative, agile teams deserve efficient workflows

Today’s virtual work environment has increased demand for creative content. At the same time, remote employees face barriers to productivity and efficiency. Creative teams are scrambling to find solutions that keep them productive and fast. Now more than ever, teams must adapt and iterate to deliver quality work on time.

Wrike provides teams with a system of record for everything creatives do. Everything from a simplified project intake system, a centralized digital asset review and approval process, business intelligence reports, encrypting data — the list goes on. Establishing a centralized hub for all project details is essential in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. Our global team not only practices what we preach, we thrive on your results and when you see the value in a collaborative work management (CWM) platform that streamlines project execution from start to finish.

You, plus Adobe’s Creative Cloud® extension

Deliver your best creative work, faster, with the Adobe Creative Cloud Extension in Wrike.

From programs to people, work smarter with the skills you have alongside the team you know. Wrike offers a unified digital workspace where cross-functional teams collaborate, share ideas, and keep tabs on projects.

With Wrike acting as a single source of truth, you get the visibility and efficiency you deserve without ever having to leave Adobe Creative Cloud. With the extension you can:

With visibility into every task within the entire project, you can keep up with the increased demand for creative content. To see how Wrike enables OSF HealthCare to prioritize and delegate work while managing and fast-tracking asset approvals with the Adobe Creative Cloud extension, go here.

The built-in Adobe extension is unquestionably powerful, yet there is more to Wrike than asset proofing tools. As evidenced by Airbnb, their team took advantage of Wrike’s complete suite of tools to launch an entire new program with thousands of assets across multiple teams and stakeholders.

Airbnb launches ‘Experiences’ using collaborative work management

After the initial launch of Experiences, Airbnb’s Creative Production Manager Hoon Kim was tasked with quadrupling production by streamlining a process to create thousands of assets, including photography, videography, and digital and print posters. Their solution at the time — a massive spreadsheet — was not scalable. It couldn’t support the rapid changes and versioning created by hundreds of simultaneous users, or manage the detailed workflows and handoffs for each of the three production teams and Experiences coordinators.

Kim and the Airbnb team discovered Wrike at the Adobe Max conference. Wrike not only passed Airbnb’s stringent security standards, it offered the unique blend of functionality their team needed: organizing and searching assets and team members by location; scheduling and coordinating production with local hosts, along with project coordinators in San Francisco; tracking project discussions, decisions, and approvals; tracking status of creative assets within particular team workflows; and real-time visibility to the status of all work in the system.

See how Airbnb streamlined their creative production in launching their ‘Experiences’ service by scaling their workflow, increasing capacity and speed while decreasing total costs. As for Wrike’s team, we rebranded in June 2020 during one of the most challenging times in history by meeting all the necessary milestones and collaborating efficiently using our homegrown product.

Launching a rebrand with a 100 percent remote team

Completing a company rebranding is no easy feat. If you’ve experienced a rebrand, you understand that it takes a village of collaborative team members to pull it off. You attend countless meetings about the logotype, typography, color palette, illustrations, motion graphics, and video editing. Yet, collaborating on everything that goes into a rebrand via Slack, video calls, Figma, InVision, and email doesn’t make sense anymore. As modern as these tools may be, it’s an antiquated process of working and collaborating. Bringing all conversations together in one system is the optimized way to get work done.

In June 2020, Wrike launched our rebrand with a 100 percent remote team during the global pandemic. Admittedly not an ideal time to undertake the project, but our team was determined to adapt and meet the challenge. By consolidating projects, automating tasks whenever possible, sharing dashboards, and visualizing reporting, our team exceeded expectations by refreshing 2,000+ assets while creating 500+ new items. We couldn’t have done it as smoothly if it weren’t for our homegrown collaborative work management solution. It’s effectively a single source of truth for everyone on the team for increased visibility and to understand the complete scope of all projects — speeding up the time to get work done.

Get the blueprint behind Wrike’s agile, creative process

Join us Tuesday, October 20, from 2-2:30 p.m. PST for our Adobe MAX session: Inspire Remote Creativity: How Collaborative Work Management Brings Design Teams Together. During this session, Wrike’s Creative Director, David Mekerishvili will share the intimate process of how he led the company-wide initiative to rebrand with a completely remote team. Plus, you’ll learn actionable steps to inspire creativity and empower remote employees, why creative teams should adopt an agile methodology, and best practices to streamline your creative process and improve collaboration with cross-functional teams. Finally, you can enter to win a Wacom Cintiq 16’ creative display!