Livestreaming launches in Photoshop on iPad, Illustrator on the iPad, and Adobe Fresco

A collage of screenshots from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco livestreams.

by Will Allen

Posted on 10-20-2020

Creatives around the world love learning and getting inspiration from each other. With many of us working from home, this can be harder than ever before. We all know one of the best ways to boost our creative skills is to look over the shoulder of an artist at work, and so we are empowering the creative community to share their creative process and connect with one another in real time.

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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching livestreaming in Photoshop on iPad and the brand-new Illustrator on the iPad as well – giving even more people a platform to share their passions with other creatives all over the world. We’ve also now rolled out the feature to all Fresco users globally, so now everyone can stream their drawing and painting process regardless of language and location.

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Livestreaming for all

Livestreams are a powerful learning and teaching tool. They enable you to share your creative process and unique workflows with your friends and followers in real time, as if you were sitting right next to them. You can watch a piece of artwork come together as it’s being created – and even witness how happy accidents can fuel your creativity.

This livestreaming feature is built right into these apps, so you can go live in just a few taps. Anyone with the livestream link can watch and comment on your stream as you go. On the flip side, you can also watch livestreams directly from Photoshop on iPad, Illustrator on the iPad, and Fresco in the Discover tab of the apps, as well as via the Live section on Behance.

Follow along with the tool timeline

The streams show a tool timeline, which automatically captures every brush stroke and transformation, so viewers can really go behind the scenes, follow along, and see what tools and techniques are being used.

But that’s not all: Desktop streaming is now in beta. To give it a try, request access today and use your favorite third-party software to stream your creativity to the world on Behance.

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Get inspired in real time

Earlier this year, we more than doubled our Adobe Live programming and rolled out the ability to livestream straight from Adobe Fresco to our global community of tens of millions of creatives on Behance. Since then, you’ve watched more than 15 million minutes of user streams, and more than 1.5 million viewers have tuned in to learn and get inspired by other creatives across Adobe Live and Behance.

With livestreaming, we hope to open up new ways for you to get inspired by peers, connect with other creatives, build up your own community, and grow skills to take your creativity to the next level. Go live now!

Tune in to Adobe Live on Behance to watch the latest livestreams from leading creatives around the world, and check out the dedicated Fresco and Photoshop Streaming Galleries to discover featured streamers.

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